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Top 10 Places To Visit on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Melbourne. The island is named after the 1st Governor of New South Wales, Arthur Phillip. Many holiday goers to Melbourne will usually join a one day tour to Phillip Island to watch the Penguin Parade. However, best way to travel around Phillip Island is by self drive and it is highly recommended you overnight on the island.

Top 10 Places To Visit on Phillip Island poster

Why self drive to Phillip Island?

The island is just 90 minutes away of driving from Melbourne CBD and you save more and see more by renting your own car. Thus, you have the luxury of your time visiting all the places we recommend on Phillip Island.

Is one day enough for Phillip Island?

It is definitely a big NO NO. That’s why we wrote this article to show what Phillip Island can offer. When we visited the island, we stayed two nights and we enjoyed it very much. Thus, what to do in Phillip Island? We have listed our favourite The 10 Places To Visit on Phillip Island is:

1.Up Close and Personal with Little Penguins at Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade is the most iconic attraction on Phillip Island as the island is the home of the little penguins, the largest “little penguin” colony in the world. At Penguin Parade, you can see the little penguins up close and personal within the viewing boxes. Basically, most of the tourists will come to see this place only on Phillip Island but you must understand why.

penguin plus platform
The brand new Penguin Plus Platform. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

The little penguins are similar to the Penguins of Madagascar. They are similarly cute but the actual penguins are less cheeky. Thus, we walk in lines and slowly they walk from the beach to their nests and you get to experience every part of it.

penguin plus platform (2)
The brand new Penguin Plus Platform. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

The operating hours usually during sunset and we have attached the operating hours of the Penguin Parade for the whole year round. Please be there at an hour early as it is usually very packed and that is how you can get the best seat.

There are strict rules on the Penguin Parade such as no photography allowed as these little penguins have sensitive eyes. Thus, you will notice that there are only dim lights used in this area. Please respect the rules and regulations of the park like the rest as the rules are created to protect the penguins.

It is usually windy and chilly here so please bring a jacket or scarf when you visit the Penguin Parade. If you are a big fan of Penguins, this is a must visit place on Phillip Island. Expect to spend at least an hour or two and watch the little penguins slowing walking from the sea to their nests in rows.

penguin viewing
The brand new Penguin Plus Platform. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

This is a place you should bring your family, your children, your loved ones and your friends. Show them the real penguins in the real habitat and not in the aquariums or oceanariums.

What’s New?

The Penguin Plus is new thing in 2016 in Penguin Parade. The cool thing about Penguin Plus is it is a section where you can view the little penguins up close and personal. Of course there will be additional charges for Penguin Plus viewing platforms. For more ticketing info visit

The brand new Penguin Plus Platform. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

We visited this place twice and we don’t mind coming back again. You can book the tickets online but we do advise you to book bundle tickets so you can visit more places and save more.

For more information on Penguin Parade, please visit and remember to get their package passes to save cost.

Phillip Island Nature Parks
P.O. Box 97
Cowes Victoria 3922

Phone: + 61 3 5951 2800

2.Visit The Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

The story behind The Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is rather unique. The owner is a Malaysian who migrated to Australia years ago. We met him and he told us his life journey working in cocoa plantation, turning his passion and dream into reality. Thus, he built this Panny Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

philip island chocolate factory

The Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the place for chocolate lovers. It is a mini size of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory minus the “oompa loompa”.

philip island chocolate factory waterfall
Chocolate waterfall.

To enter the chocolate factory is free but you have to pay to enter this chocolate playground where you can see chocolate art works, chocolate waterfall, chocolate games, see how they create chocolates and create your own chocolate bar using their own Chocolate Machine.

philip island chocolate factory amazing chocolate machine
Chocolate making Machine!

You just need to do this once in your lifetime. Since you are on Phillip Island, there is no harm visiting this place.

philip island chocolate factory chocolate
My own chocolate bar!

You should allow at least 45 minutes really enjoy your visit and they serve really good Indian food in their restaurant. Thus, you can purchase their chocolates in their shop only. For more info visit

Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory Address:
930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven VIC 3925, Australia

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3.Explore The Nobbies and Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Antarctic Journey

The Nobbies is the hidden gem of Phillip Island. The brand new Phillip Island Nature Parks’s Antartic Journey is located at the same location too.

phillip island the nobbies centre

This area is located near the Penguin Parade and that’s why self drive is important so you can drive anywhere you like. Mobility is important on Phillip Island and you can really spend some time here at The Nobbies.

phillip island the nobbies platform
The wooden platform at The Nobbies.

There are boardwalks and lookout points here and also natural sea bird gardens. What the websites didn’t tell you is there are little penguin nests under the platform. That’s why we said this place is a hidden gem.

phillip island the nobbies baby penguins
Baby penguins.

If you want to take picture of them, please don’t use flash. Respect the nature and the animals as flash will blind them.

phillip island nobbies
Spotting the Seal Rocks.

You can also spot the Seal Rocks which is one and half kilometres off shore. There are mini adventures to the Seal Rocks and they are home to Australia’s largest Australian Fur Seal Colony. The Nobbies is free of charge.

WWF and Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Antarctic Journey
Phillip Island Nature Parks introduces the world’s first interactive Antarctic experience in partnership with WWF-Australia at The Nobbies. Visitors are invited on a three-level walk through adventure that provides a virtual and educational insight into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic.

nobbies antartica journey children
Antartica Journey. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

As the first attraction in  Australia to share the WWF brand, the ‘Antarctic Journey’ features state of the art multimedia technology including an augmented reality screen which will allow visitors to appear as though they are patting a penguin, playing with a seal or within arm’s reach of a magnificent whale.

nobbies antartica journey
Antartica Journey. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

The Antarctic Journey is open daily and costs $18.00 per adult and $9.00 per child and for more info, please visit and remember to get their package passes to save cost.

The Nobbies Address and Contact:

The Nobbies, Summerlands 3922

03 5951 2800

4.Go Surfing at Woolomai Beach

If you are a big fan of surfing, you should bring your surf board here. This beach is dangerous and strictly for surfing only. Swimming is highly not recommended here and life guards are only available here for selected days and times.

phillip island woolamai beach sign

However, the rough sea here is a great place for surfing and we are sure many surfers will enjoy the high tides here.

phillip island woolamai beach surf beach

Follow one of the four coastal walking track loops at Cape Woolamai and stop at viewing platforms to take in breathtaking views of the Pinnacles.

phillip island woolamai beach selfie

This is strictly for surfing only and no swimming, we kid you not.

Cape Woolamai Address:

Cape Woolamai, Victoria, 3925

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5. Experience Victoria’s Heritage Churchill Island

This is another hidden gem of Phillip Island. The Churchill Island is just off coast of Phillip Islands and it is an important place in the history of European settlement in Victoria. If you never heard of this island, then you should visit here during your trip on Phillip Island.

phillip island churchill island

The Churchill Island is the site of the first European agricultural pursuits in Victoria. The history of the farming on this island started since the 1850’s and in 1872 it was purchased by Samuel Amess, former Mayor of Melbourne.

phillip island churchill island hitting metal

This small island of 57 hectares offers a glimpse of historic working farm, farmhouse and cottage. This is old school European settlement that is well maintained and an eye opener for us.

You can pet the horses and milk the cows and also walk around the cottage gardens and lawns as well as the coastline walk that offers magnificent views of Phillip Island and Western Port.

phillip island churchill island old bed room
The bed room at one of the cottages.

The best way to visit Churchill Island is by self drive of course. Expect to spend a few hours here to enjoy and experience the scenery, the farm, the cottage and the history.  For more info, please visit and remember to get their package passes to save cost.

Churchill Island Address and Contact:

246 Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island 3925

Tel: 03 5951 2800

6.Be a Speed Racer at The Phillip Island Race Track

There are many legends and histories are set in this venue. The Phillip Island Race Track Visitor will impress you as this is your chance to race in this iconic venue.

Phillip Island Race Track
Go Kart at Phillip Island Race Track. Picture is from Tourism Victoria.

Be a speed racer and speed with the all new Sodi Go Karts on the 750 metre scale of the Grand Prix Circuit. If you never drive a Go Kart before, this is the place you should strap on your helmet and be a speed racer.

You can also join the Guided Circuit Tour and follow the footsteps of motorcycle racing champions. Thus, you can also get exclusive access to off limit areas including MotoGP sound simulation, Race Control, Media Centre, pit lane, pit roof and of course the winner’s podium.

Remember to book first before you visit them and for more info visit

The Phillip Island Race Track Address and Contact:

RMB 500GP Back Beach Road, Cowes, Victoria, 3922

03 5952 9400

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7.Meet the Koalas at Koala Conservation Centre

Your trip to Australia is in complete if you never meet the Koalas up close and personal. For your info, every state in Australia has different rules on wildlife and in Victoria, you are not allowed to touch or pet Koalas.

phillip island the koala conservation centre

Why you should be here?

The Koala Conservation Centre’s is nothing like you have experience before. First of all, it is not a zoo so the koalas here are not caged in metal cages. The koalas here say in their natural habitat like in the wild.

phillip island the koala conservation centre platform

For the Koala Eco-Explorer Tour, an experience ranger will lead you to understand more about Koalas. Here, there are boardwalks for koala viewing as well as the view of the natural eucalypt woodland. You will have chance to go up, close and personal with koalas for sure.

phillip island the koala conservation centre koala on tree
Koala sleeping on top of the tree, so cute.
phillip island the koala conservation centre koala on boardwalk

Remember, no touching but you can selfie with them on distance. Thus, since this is a natural habitat, it is high chances you will other Australia cuties such as wallabies, possums and echidnas. It all depends on your luck but most likely you will bump to one of them. If you bump to snakes then its jackpot.

phillip island the koala conservation centre visitor

This is a fun place to visit and especially for kids. You need to see Koala once in your lifetime and this is an ideal place to do so. For more info, visit  and remember to get their package passes to save cost.

Koala Conservation Centre’s Address and Contact:

1790 Phillip Island Road, Cowes 3922

03 5951 2800

8.Get Amazed at A Maze’N Things

After visiting the Koala Conservation Centre, you go opposite and visit the A Maze’N Things. This is one of the most unusual attractions in the world.

philip island amaze n things

A Maze’N Things is a combination of activities that will trick your eyes and mind, cool activities, 3D artworks as well as a real maze!

philip island amaze n things table head

We won’t go details on the things in A Maze’N Things as we highly recommend you to visit this place. The whole experience should be less than an hour except you got stuck in the maze.

philip island amaze n things mirrors

This place is a fun place for couples, group of friends and families. Like we mentioned, there is probably a few of this type of attractions in the world and this is not a 3D museum.

philip island amaze n things labyrinth
This is a real maze, are you brave enough to play?

This is one of the must visit places on Phillip Island and would love your feedback for your visit. Thus,
Magic Manor is coming to A Maze’N Things in 2016. For more info, visit

A Maze’N Things Address and Contact:

1805 Phillip Island Road, Cowes, Victoria, 3922

03 5952 2283

9.It is all about the Pelicans at San Remo Beach

There are two things about Pelicans at San Remo Beach. Firstly, it is the fishermen feeding the pelicans on the beach and the Pelican View – The San Remo Fisherman’s Co-Operative Restaurant.

philip island san remo pelican

The Pelican Feeding is a daily affair, every day at noon on the beach next to the Pelican View. This is a daily free event and everyone is welcome here. However, we missed the Pelican Feeding but we spotted one pelican swimming away.

philip island san remo pelican view

After you finish with the Pelican Feeding, time for lunch and the best place of course is the Pelican View restaurant.

The restaurant is established in 1948 and it is located at the San Remo pier. There is also a free museum next to the restaurant but we didn’t make it on our last visit.

philip island san remo seafood

You should try the food here. You can taste the freshness of the local seafood here. The price is reasonable and the taste is not too bad too. The menu of the day depends on the catch of the day. Your trip to Phillip Island will be incomplete without a feast of seafood.

For more info, visit

Pelican View Address:

170 Marine Parade, San Remo VIC 3925, Australia

Phone:+61 3 5678 5206

Hours: 10:30AM–8:30PM

10.Chillax, Eat and Stay at The Cowes

The Cowes is the last place of interest in our list. At the Cowes, there is beach, restaurants and accommodations.

phillip island the cowes beach selfie

Unlike the surf beach of Woolomai Beach, the beach at the Cowes is more suitable for swimming as the sea is calmer here. Thus, this is great for families and friends to chill, relax or the swim here.

phillip island the cowes restaurants

You can also find restaurants at The Cowes. They offer good local food as well as seafood. Remember to try some of the Victorian produce beer here. You can get beautiful view of the Cowes Beach here and also the cool breeze of the winds from the sea.

phillip island the cowes the waves apartment

For accommodations, there is a few for you to choose from in The Cowes. We strongly recommend you to stay on Phillip Island for at least one night so you can discover all the places of interests we recommended. Thus, by self drive it is easier to drive around Phillip Island and Victoria. It is also cheaper to self drive in Victoria.

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