October 17, 2021

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Maid Café S2 Maidreamin Experience in Akihabara Tokyo

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Maid Café S2 Maidreamin Experience in Akihabara Tokyo

There is one place we always wanted to visit in Japan, the Maid Café. We still remember how missed the opportunity in Osaka a couple of years ago and on our recent trip to Tokyo, we didn’t hesitate to visit one.

tokyo s2 maidreamin large

My recent trip to Japan was mostly in Akita and then we had a few days in Tokyo. In Tokyo, we visited the famous Akihabara and we walked into one of the famous Maid Cafes in Japan, S2 Maidreamin. Akihabara is a popular destination with as electronic hub, gadgets, toys and sometimes cosplayers. Please take note that cosplayers are not in Akihabara all the time.

tokyo s2 maidreamin logo

S2 Maidreaming is one of the largest Maid Cafes in Japan. They have 18 cafes including two cafes in Bangkok.

There are rules and regulations for Maid Cafes. Before we entered the café, the maid clearly explain the rules and regulations in English to us so we understand how they work.

There is a fee of 500 Yen per hour for each person compulsory to pay. Well, this is how they make their income so either you pay 500 Yen per person per hour or you can leave.

Next, you can’t touch the maids. This is not a nightclub so don’t get fancy with your hands or fingers.

tokyo s2 maidreamin menu

The maids are cute in their costumes but you are not allowed to take photographs of them for FREE. You need to purchase ONE set meal for one picture ONLY. The rules are strict, one set meal for one picture ONLY either with your smartphone or camera.

tokyo s2 maidreamin maids
We took this picture illegally.

If you are a girl, you are allowed to fit in the maid costumes for FREE and you are allowed to take pictures with them. Thus, there were a few Japanese girls in the maid costumes were snapping pictures with them.

tokyo s2 maidreamin drinks

Each person also needs to buy at least one drink on top of the entrance fee. Once, you ordered your drinks and meals, the maid will come to the table and she will tell you that you are her “master” now. We know this sounds weird but that’s what the maid told us.

tokyo s2 maidreamin animal parfait
Posing with the cute animal parfait.

Thus, we need to follow her to do some cute gestures together. In short, the maid tries to create this “maid” mood for all of us. We felt really weird but it was really a unique experience.

The maid didn’t sit with us all the time but she will drop by from time to time to talk to us and chat with us. It is good that the maids can speak English or else we will have problem communicating.

The environment of the maid cafe is lively, fun and friendly. It is really comfortable here and you can see how the maids work, walking around and interact with each other.

The drinks and the food are just mediocre. Don’t expect anything from the food but the experience you gain in the café.

tokyo s2 maidreamin maid wefie

Since we paid for one set meal, we can only take a picture with the maid once. It is up to you whether you want to pay more for pictures or one is good enough.

Is it worth the money? Well, it is a culture shock for us and definitely worth the experience. Thus, we went to the Bangkok’s S2 Maidreamin recently and they offer similar experience but cheaper too. Our review will come soon!

tokyo s2 maidreamin placesandfoods

We spoke to other friends who visited Maid Cafes in Japan, S2 Maidreamin is one of the most reasonable maid cafes in terms of pricing. We heard other maid cafes are charging from 800 Yen and above per person. Of course, different maid cafes offer different type of experience or quality of the maids. What you pay is what you get but like we mentioned earlier, we enjoyed our memorable experience at S2 Maidreamin in Akihabara Tokyo.

You can easily find S2 Maidreamin café in Tokyo or find more at http://maidreamin.com/



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