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Be Inspired with new Singha Ad ถ้าใจบอกว่าใช่..แล้วจะรออะไร

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Be Inspired with new Singha Ad ถ้าใจบอกว่าใช่..แล้วจะรออะไร

We love Thai Ads (advertisements) as some are creative, some are mind blowing, some are heart warming and some are inspiring. When my Thai friends shared the latest Singha corporate ad on Facebook a few days ago, I didn’t understand the meaning of it (as I don’t understand Thai). However after my Thai friends translated the voice over to English for me, this is not just an ad but an inspiring one.

singha bring it on
Singha Ad ถ้าใจบอกว่าใช่..แล้วจะรออะไร

You can watch the Singha corporate ad below.

What is so inspiring about this ad? Let’s check out the English translation of the voice over of this commercial:

วินาทีนี้ ขอฉลองให้กับคนที่รู้ว่า ใจต้องการอะไร To those who follow their hearts

คนที่มีความชอบ เป็นเหตุผล Those who trust their instincts over reasons

รับผิดชอบ แต่ยังสนุก Those who know how to have fun while being responsible

ทุ่มสุดตัว กับสิ่งที่ใช่ Give it all for what they are passionate with

ขอชื่นชม คนที่ใช้ใจตัดสิน We salute those who trust their intuitions

คนที่บอกตัวเอง ถ้าใจบอกว่าใช่ แล้วจะรออะไร To those who follow their hearts. What are you waiting for? Bring it on!

The hidden message in the ad reflects on the journey I am taking now. Hence, I took a small step a few years ago to focus more on my blog as I followed my heart to do something that I like. Like many others, I am bounded by responsibility but I do trust my instincts over reasons at times. Traveling is something I am passionate with and blogging has help me to travel more than ever. Even though I am far from success but I am glad to follow my heart.

After watching and understanding this Singha corporate ad, I took another initiative. Today, I made the decision to shed my weight off . I believe it is time for me to get healthier as I am not that young anymore. With my children at home, health is not a joke as I have been obese for years. There are always reasons to start dieting tomorrow or a day after but I know I can’t wait that long anymore. I follow my heart to change for better now because #BringItOn!

What are you waiting for? Bring it on!




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