June 6, 2023

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The Secret Avatar Jungle in Chiang Mai

Within the jungle of Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand lies one of the biggest secret in Chiang Mai. It is the secret jungle like the movie Avatar. It is called the Doi Inthanon Ang Ka Nature Trail and the view here is quite similar to the scenes like the movie Avatar (minus the blue people and the dramatic neon fest in the jungle at night). This is the Secret Avatar Jungle in Chiang Mai.

The highest mountain is 2564 meters above sea level and it was around 8 degree Celsius when we went up. Pretty cooling and it is great for a short walk.

There are two trails in Doi Inthanon Ang Ka Nature Trail. Of course we did the short one and it is quite easy to walk around.

What impressed us in this trail is how they maintained the forest and even open to public you can find any garbage around. Seriously not even a cigarette butt.

The locals in Northern Thais respect the forest and the mountain and that’s why you don’t see much land clearing near the jungle.

There are wooden platforms in couple of sections and the handles are beautifully covered by the moss. This place is gorgeous even for a person like me who seldom do hiking. Since it was so cold, we didn’t even break a sweat but a bottle of water will be handy as you slowly discover the trail and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

This place is a hidden gem for photographers as well as pre wedding photography. You don’t say we didn’t tell you. Read more about Doi Inthanon Ang Ka Nature Trail.

Hot to go to Doi Inthanon Ang Ka Nature Trail

The best way is to hire a local tour guide or local tour or else you can always rent a car and self drive. Doi Inthanon is 55 km away from the city.

Read all our stories about Chiang Mai Thailand at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand/thailand-chiang-mai. This is the Secret Avatar Jungle in Chiang Mai.

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