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AirAsia X Set To Fly to Hawaii?

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AirAsia X Set To Fly to Hawaii?

*Update 25/5/2016: It didn’t happen and the new route is to Mauritius. =)

Last week was the announcement of the return of AirAsia X to Iran. Iran or formerly known as Persia is one of the hidden gems and travel destinations in Middle East and Asia. AirAsia X returned to Iran with direct flights from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, promoting tourism in both ends.

airasia x hawaii

Tomorrow, there will be another huge announcement on the latest destination for AirAsia X. We didn’t have any sources or rumours but this destination is most likely will be Hawaii.

Many reports last year suggested the airline will start commencing the Hawaii flight late last year but nothing is announced yet. According to a report by WSJ last year, it won’t be a direct flight but a possible stop in Osaka Japan. There is also another report from WSJ this year that AirAsia X will start commencing the Hawaii route. Will AirAsia X announce Hawaii as their new destination tomorrow? Well, we have to wait for the big news then.

Please take note that you are required to apply for the United States of America visa to travel to Hawaii if you are a Malaysian. You can apply it at the United States of America Embassy at Jalan Tun Razak with relevant documents and you will be interviewed in the embassy. We went through the process nine years ago for our visa.

Remember to wait for the big announcement tomorrow by AirAsia X! Hopefully, now everyone can fly to Hawaii! Aloha!

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