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Sensodyne Mouthwash: The Cure for Sensitive Teeth

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Sensodyne Mouthwash: The Cure for Sensitive Teeth

There are many people constantly talking about their health being, how they want to get fit to stay healthy, joining gyms, classes and other things. Some talk about detox and also organic food. However, many people have neglected one of the most important elements of our body, our teeth. You seldom hear people talking about how cool is dental care and how important is the teeth. Well, you should be checking your teeth now on because it is really important.

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I love to eat and I love sweet food like chocolates, ice creams and desserts. However, I am one of the many people out there that didn’t really care about my teeth and didn’t do the annual dental check-up.

We only start to care and concern when there are signs such as pain and such and then only we rush to the dental clinics. When that happens, it is often too late. Furthermore, it is not cheap too. Our mother did couple of implants and it cost her tens of thousands ringgit a couple of years ago. We believe the cost of the implants is higher now.

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Thus, recently I revisited the dentist as I am getting a slight sensation whenever I eat cold food such as ice cream or iced cold drinks. I have not been visiting the dentist for years so I did a thorough check up and the dentist told me I am having sensitive teeth. I argued I never had the problem before but it doesn’t mean I am sensitive proof for the rest of my life. According to the dentist, brushing the teeth to hard or calcium deficiency while growing up can be the reasons for it.

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Luckily, it can be treated and the dentist recommended Sensodyne’s alcohol free tooth paste and mouth wash. Sensodyne works by forming a protective barrier against the pain. So why wait till it pains when you can prevent it and save that extra cost.

sensodyne toothpaste

Sensodyne mouthwash can give up to 24 hours of protection against sensitive teeth but usually I use it in the morning and before I sleep. I have not been getting the sensation from sensitive teeth anymore. There are many mouthwash products out there but for sensitive teeth, Sensodyne is the best so far.

sensodyne mouth wash use

Furthermore, Sensodyne Mouthwash is easily available in Malaysia now. You can find it in minimarkets, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Did I tell you the price is similar with other brands and it is not a super expensive product? Go buy one and start protecting your teeth from tooth sensitivity.

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Please take note every individual’s teeth is different and do visit the dentist regularly to ensure that you have good oral standard.



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