December 7, 2023


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Black Label Crestbridge (Burberry Black Label) in Malaysia by Migi Online

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Black Label Crestbridge (Burberry Black Label) in Malaysia by Migi Online

If you are a big fan of Burberry, you should know about Burberry Black Label and Blue Label in Japan. The prices for both is relatively cheaper than the usual Burberry around the world. In 1996, Britain Burberry gave license to Japanese Company Sanyo Shokai, for a private label targeted at Japanese youths. Sanyo Shokai designed and developed fashion items specifically for the Japanese market – Burberry Blue Label brand for young ladies and Burberry Black Label for the young men.

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The blue & black label was a fusion of Japanese girls’ favourite pastels pink & blue colours, with British’s sophisticated look. This product line was marketed and sold under the Burberry brand solely in Japan and were not exported to or sold in other countries.


In 2015, Burberry decided to enter Japan with their own Burberry branded stores. To achieve that, the license to Sanyo Shokai had to be terminated. They were granted permission to sell its existing Burberry licensed products until June 2016.  Keeping the subcategories – blue & black label, Sanyo Shokai renamed the product line “Crestbridge”.


How to get Black Label Crestbridge in Malaysia?

Look no further, Migi has newly acquired a part of their 2015 & 2016 collection that are now available in all of their pop up stores Nationwide as well as on their newly launched online store with up to 60% off retail price. It is cheaper to get it with Migi than flying to Japan and purchased it there!

To locate our latest pop up stores in Malaysia, visit (for Peninsula Malaysia) or (for East Malaysia) or order now from


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