February 5, 2023

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Train from Jakarta to Bandung Experience

How is the train ride from Jakarta to Bandung? Well, we are always curious on train rides in Indonesia and we took the train from Jakarta in our recent trip. It is a three hour and 20 min ride and you won’t believe how comfortable the train ride can be. The Argo Parahyangan train cost IDR 120,000 one way which is around RM 38.

The train departs at Gambir Train Station in Jakarta and you will be assigned to the train cabin and ticket seats. The people here is really friendly and you won’t find strangers in your seats. Thus, the people here are really polite.

Gambir Train Station in Jakarta

The trains here are punctual and you will be surprised to see how organized the trains and their schedules. The station is very clean including their toilets and you can find many train station staffs working on the track.

Getting into our seats in the train cabin.

We didn’t get the new electric train but it is still looks pretty new. Our train cabin is fully air-conditioned and as mentioned earlier with heaps of leg room.

Seating together with @nicootan

They offer reclining seats and also a small pillow. There is the top compartment you can put your smaller luggage and you can put your bigger luggage at the front or back of the train.

Train conductor checking passenger tickets.

Just remember to keep your ticket as the ticket conductor will check on your tickets in between stations.

Train cleaning staff doing his work.

There is also a cleaner who comes to clean the floor and collect rubbish from time to time. That’s why the cabin floor is very clean. Not forget to mention, even the toilet in the train is clean.

The view of rice paddy field and the Cimeta bridge

The train moves quite fast and it slows down when it enters towns and crowded area. The beauty of taking the train from Jakarta to Bandung is you get to see different types of sceneries. From the busy city of Jakarta to very paddy fields as well as traditional villages.

Puwarkata Train Section or train graveyard?

There are a couple of stops before we reached Bandung and the stop at Puwarkata Train Station is an eye opener. It is called the Puwarkata Train Section as you can easily spot the ‘train graveyard’ here. Hence, it is become a ‘tourist attraction’ due to its uniqueness. We didn’t stop here to check out the place as our journey continues to Bandung.

The cafe in the train.

You can find the train staffs selling drinks and foods from time to time. Hence, you don’t need to drag your feet to the café located in other train cabins.

Bandung is located 726 meters above sea level so the speed of the train will slow down for the climb when it is reaching the city.

Bandung Train Station, our destination.

Overall it was a fun experience taking the train from Jakarta to Bandung. The train ride was a really fun experience and it was our first train ride in Indonesia. In short, we were impressed with the train service and definitely recommend this to travellers traveling from Jakarta to Bandung or the other way around. The train is clean, the toilet is clean, seat is comfortable and the view is memorable.





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  1. i think your post about this trip (jkt-bdg) very helpful.
    i’m looking forward to experience itself because my dream to travel with my family.

    KL-JKT (flight)
    jakarta 1night,
    jakarta-bandung (TRAIN)
    bandung 2night
    Bandung-KL (flight)

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