March 23, 2023

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangkok Every Year

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangkok Every Year

Since a few years ago, it has become a norm we visited Bangkok every year. In fact, we visited the capital of Thailand five times this year so far. Some of friends don’t understand why we visited Bangkok every year because they never been to the city before. Thus, it is time for me to reveal the real reasons why we travelled to Bangkok every year.

There are over millions of reasons to visit Bangkok but we narrowed down to seven reasons. Seven reasons easier to read. Well, let me tell you Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangkok Every Year.

1.Flying to Bangkok is affordable

Ten or fifteen years ago, flying to Bangkok is expensive. It is double of what we are paying right now. With so many airlines connecting Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, the airfare is very competitive.

Which airline is the cheapest to Bangkok? To check the cheapest flight to Bangkok, always use a travel search engine like If the cheapest is a budget airline like AirAsia, please take note that there are extra charges like luggage, meals and transaction fees. Hence, if you add it all up the price is very competitive with other airlines such as Malindo Airways or Malaysia Airlines. Sometimes, Thai Airways offer really good price too. I love my 30kg luggage, inflight entertainment and meals so I always fly with Malaysia Airlines to Bangkok. If I go Bangkok and not shop, it will be a sin.

2.There is always something new in Bangkok

Every year when I visited Bangkok, there is always something new. From Asiatique River Waterfront to Emquartier Shopping Mall and to the new refurbished Siam Discovery, Bangkok has never failed to impress me in terms of new places of attractions. On top of that, there are also plenty of night markets to discover and shop. Not forgetting the new and cool restaurants and cafes for you to discover in the city.

3.Shopping is better in Bangkok

I know many of my girlfriends fly to Bangkok annually to shop. It is their tradition and it is mine too. I can’t say shopping in Bangkok is the cheapest in the region but you can get the best out of your dollars. I don’t believe in cheap stuffs but I believe in good quality items.

You can really get up to date fashion in Bangkok especially for the ladies. The quality of the clothes in Thailand is also better than the ones from other countries. That’s why you can notice the local Thai girls are very fashionable not because they are rich but it is affordable.

Walk to one of the boutiques in Terminal 21 or Platinum Mall, they will be happy to help you mix and match your dress or your clothes. Not forgetting that custom made your clothes in Bangkok is also value for money with detailed workmanship. You can easily custom made your clothes within 2-3 days. Only in Bangkok.

For me, I went to shop in local designer store such as OldSkull and also clothes for my babies. I save much moolah by shopping my babies clothing in places like Bobae Tower and Platinum Mall.

For luxury shopping, there are also plenty of malls to visit such as Emquartier, Central Embassy, Siam Paragon and more. There is always a place to shop for everyone in Bangkok.

4.Food is awesome

Food is always awesome in Bangkok. It could be street food, restaurant, café or even in 7-Eleven. I am one of the many travellers who is Thailand’s 7-Eleven junkie. I enjoyed their sandwiches as well as their burgers especially their pork and bacon burgers. Even the McDonalds in Thailand offers pork burger, how porkalicious.

For the restaurants, I often discover them with my local friends. Even though I didn’t blog much about them but I do enjoy discovering new restaurants and café hopping with my friends. Trust me, there are many really good restaurants in Bangkok for you to discover. Thus, there are always a new cool restaurant and café opens whenever I travel to Bangkok. Spread your wings and discover new places to dine in areas like Thonglor, Sukhumvit and more.

5.Massage and Spa

Spa and Massage is a must in Bangkok. You can find plenty of massage and spa centres in shop lots and shopping mall. For me, I always go to Healthland and Oasis Spa for massage and spa treatments. Both are reputable in massage and spa services. After a long day of discovering in Bangkok, you deserve a pampering massage or spa session. You won’t complete your trip in Bangkok without spa and massage.

6.Awesome Stays

There are hundreds and probably thousands of hotels, hostels and apartments to stay in Bangkok. There are so many options you will be spoilt with choices. You can choose many really good places to stay depending on your purpose of stay and also area of stay.

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The latest hostel in Bangkok, LiveItUp


You can always get the best rates of hostels, dorms or hotels in Bangkok with The best part is you get five stars treatment with affordable rates!


7.Thai Experience

What is Thai experience? Thailand is called Land of Smiles for a reason. Where ever you go in Bangkok, you will get the Thai experience, the smile and amazing hospitality. It has become a norm and sometimes we get used to it until we have forgotten about it. From the 7-Eleven cashier to Robinson doormen, you will be always greeted with ‘sawadeekrup or sawadeeka’. It is not just about the greetings but also the culture that always keep me feel like home in Bangkok. That’s why many of my friends call Bangkok as their second home. You are not traveling to Bangkok but you are coming back home.

Of course there could be hundreds or thousands more reasons in visiting Bangkok. This seven reasons why we visited Bangkok every year is purely our opinion from our travel experiences. If you never travel to Bangkok, you should visit the city soon. For those who often traveling to Bangkok, maybe we can meet up there for a cuppa coffee? I really hope this story can inspire you to visit to Bangkok soon. Before you start searching for your flight ticket to Bangkok, remember to follow us on Instagram @placesandfoods for the beautiful pictures we taken while traveling around the world. See you in Bangkok kap!

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