December 11, 2023


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AirBnb Homestay in Batu Maung Penang for 40 Pax

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AirBnb Homestay in Batu Maung Penang for 40 Pax

A few days ago, we read a very interesting news from TheStar at Busloads of visitors turn holidays into a nightmare for the neighbours. We have been using AirBnb for over two years and we rented places like London, Paris, Barcelona, Seoul and local places like Port Dickson. Except there is one bad stay in Penang, all of our stay with AirBnb is good so far.

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Are you Airbnb user? If you are not, you can sign up HERE and get free credits on your first stay. What we realized is some AirBnb owners in Penang is quite irresponsible in their listing. So please do check on the reviews first before you book the property. Some of the properties are in housing areas and listing out such properties might create unhappiness in the neighbourhood like the report from TheStar.

So where is this property in Batu Maung Penang that can fits 40 persons at once?

Here you go and the listing is at Cassia Delights Penang Homestay 40人可住.

The listing owner is from Singapore and you can see that you can stay up to 16 guests in the property (probably the limitation of AirBnb) but he allows up to 40 guests!

Per night is only RM 600 and inclusive of all the taxes and fees it is only RM 673. When you divide RM 673 with 40 pax, it is only RM 16.8 per pax. Where to find such a cheap accommodation in Penang?

The property comes with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 10 beds and we don’t really know how 40 persons can fit in this property.

If you are interested to rent this property, you can visit Cassia Delights Penang Homestay 40人可住.

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