September 24, 2023


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Yoogane Korea’s Number One Dak Galbi is in Malaysia

Guess what? Korea’s number one dak galbi restaurant, Yoogane recently opened its first restaurant in 1 Utama, Malaysia. We were there during the opening (before we went for glamping in Chiang Rai) and to be frank this is as authentic as you can have in Korea.

yoogane cheese chicken galbi
Cheese Chicken Galbi

For Korean food lovers, there is no need for introduction for Dak Galbi. For your information, Dak Galbi is a popular Korean dish created with marinated diced chicken in gochujang based sauce and stir fried with sliced cabbage, scallions, onions, perilla leaves and tteok (rice cake) together in a hot plate.

yoogane 1 utama
Yoogane 1 Utama

Yoogane is located on the 2nd Floor (New Wing) next to Dragon I in 1 Utama Shopping Mall. As we mentioned earlier this is their first outlet in Malaysia and they have a few in Singapore.

At Yoogane, they offer pork free dishes with mainly chicken and seafood for their dak galbi. Their dak galbi set menus are good for two persons and above. It can easily good for four persons with side dishes. There is a kimchi station for unlimited kimchi session with any sets ordered.

We ordered their signature Cheese Chicken Galbi and Seafood & Chicken Galbi. Thus, we also ordered their side dishes such as their Egg Roll and Korean Style Seafood Pancake.

Basically, they will set up the hot plate and the ingredients. It will let it cook for 10-15 minutes and ready to serve.

yoogane seafood and chicken galbi fresh

What we like about Yoogane is their fresh ingredients. You can tell and taste the freshness of the ingredients.

For their Cheese Chicken Galbi, the taste is authentic but it is not as spicy as we imagined. The chicken is stir fried and covered with the gochujang based sauce and it is tender and flavourful. The mozzarella cheese on the side melts while the pan is hot so eat the cheese while its hot.

yoogane cheesy chicken galbi
Cheese Chicken Galbi

If you are a cheese lover, this literally will send you to heaven. You can mix almost anything in the pot with the cheesy Mozzarella cheese.

yoogane seafood and chicken galbi
Seafood and Chicken Galbi

For the Seafood and Chicken Galbi, it is similar to the chicken galbi with additional of the seafood (mussels and big size prawns).

yoogane 1 utama egg roll
Egg roll

For the egg rolls, there is cheese inside the roll. The texture is similar to Japanese egg roll you can find in Tokyo.

yoogane 1 utama seafood pancake
Seafood pancake

For the seafood pancake, it is the typical Korean pancake with seafood. If you been to Korea, it is quite a popular street food or you can try it here at Yoogane.

yoogane wilson ng

At Yoogane, you can find authentic Korean dak galbi and this is the only outlet in Malaysia. You pay for fresh and quality food in Yoogane so what you eat is what you pay. If you are a big fan of dak galbi, why not visit Yoogane in 1 Utama? They are the number one dak galbi restaurant in Korea and don’t you want to taste the best?


Yoogane Dak Galbi 1 Utama Address:

Lot S313, Second Floor

1 Utama Shopping Centre

Facebook Page:

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