January 27, 2023

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6 Reasons Why Newlyweds Lose Money on Chinese Wedding Banquet

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6 Reasons Why Newlyweds Lose Money on Chinese Wedding Banquet

A few years ago, someone we know complained on how much she lost for her Chinese wedding banquet? The value of her loss can purchase a car as she claimed. Well in my mind I was thinking since when Chinese Wedding Banquet is profit making business? Many expect that they will receive a lot of money from their wedding ‘ang pow’ (red packet with money).

(Wedding picture is by Dev Lee at https://www.facebook.com/devleephotography)

We are not young anymore and most of our friends and mates are either happily married (mostly with kids), divorced and some are still single. We do have many younger friends especially bloggers and Instagrammers in their 20s. Thus, why don’t I blog something about Chinese Wedding Banquet and maybe they can pick up one or two tips from us?

We didn’t lose that much money for our wedding banquet as we did spend on important things like gown, pre-wedding photos (don’t really know where is the album now), wedding rings and some of the Chinese custom stuffs.

So why so many newlyweds lose money on their Chinese Wedding Banquet?

1.Chinese Wedding Banquet is not a business or a start up

You probably hear that there are people making money for their wedding banquets. Yes, that is possible especially many years ago as cost are cheaper back then. First of all, the Chinese Wedding Banquet is a wedding and it is not a business or a start up. Even many start up fails so expect the worst so plan your wedding banquet properly to minimise your loss.

2.Chinese Wedding Banquet is Expensive

Chinese wedding banquet is expensive so plan it properly. A table in a Chinese restaurant easily over RM 1,000 per table and for hotels, a table is easily over RM 2,000 per table and above. This excludes corkage charges, liquor, drinks and other misc charges. Some venue requires you to pay more for the ballroom so plan well. Not forgetting your photography and video services as well as your emcee and also live band if you prefer. This little cost will add up a lot at the end of the day.

3.Rich but Stingy Friends and Buddies

I know everyone is smart and invite those rich friends or buddies. They are the ones that open a dozen bottles in clubs, drive big car, stay big house and wear those expensive luxury brands. The sad thing is they are generous on themselves but not you. Please take note that they can be really stingy, more stingy than your poor friend driving a Kancil.

So how much should the guests be paying? Maybe you should read Ang Pow Rates for Malaysian Chinese Wedding.

4.Non-Paying Guests

There are some guests who turned up without paying. Most of them are from other races and they don’t really understand the custom of Chinese Wedding Banquets. Some of them might buy gifts and some might not be generous if giving a lot in ang pow. To them, it is more important to attend your big day than spending a lot in your ang pow.

5.Missing In Action Guests

It happens to us and to most newlyweds out there. There are always people missing in action even though they have RSVP to come for your wedding banquet. You will know who are they at the end of the day.

6.The Not So Friendly Guests

You have a good wedding planner who arranged the guests in their respective tables but when they turned up they decided not to sit together as they don’t like each other. These not so friendly guests are not kids and they are usually over 40s. Sometimes this will result in adding more half empty tables since they decided not to sit together or else they threatened to leave. More tables mean more money to waste.

There are also little things to consider such as liquor or alcohol drinks. It depends what type of field is your work and if you are working in construction line, expect to get more liquor or else not many people drink that much nowadays.

We would like to highlight about family and relatives who come all the way from other states or countries who turned up for your wedding. Sometimes, for those who travelled far to come and attend your wedding can cost them a lot. It is unfair or unwise to ask expect a lot from them. The true value of Chinese wedding banquet is to get together and reunion for your big day. Some elderly have to attend a couple of wedding dinners a month and most of them are retirees and how do you expect them to foot a huge wedding dinner ang pow for you?

What is the solution?

Well, there is a Chinese saying if you don’t have a big head, don’t wear a big hat. Plan your Chinese wedding banquet based on what you can afford. Showing off in your Chinese Wedding Banquet will cost you money.

Most of the time, the parents want a Chinese wedding banquet so they can meet up with their old friends and relatives. It is a great reason for a reunion to meet friends and families in the auspicious event.

If you parents insist a huge Chinese wedding banquet, you can have it in a Chinese restaurant. You can plan your own private wedding dinner or lunch with your friends only. We did a few rounds of Chinese wedding banquets and also a dinner at my father’s hometown so they do not need to travel far for our wedding banquet.

We find many people spend so much time to spend for their wedding but they don’t spend time for their life after marriage. Wedding ceremony and banquet is just a small step for greater things in life after that. We have quite a number of friends who had great wedding banquets who divorced quietly after that. Plan for your life after wedding like getting a house or children or things to do as husband and wife. That is more important than spending all your efforts in a few days in your life.

You might like or unhappy of what we have written here but this is our honest opinion in 6 Reasons Why Newlyweds Lose Money on Chinese Wedding Banquet. Bookmark this or share this among your friends who will be getting married soon or attending your Chinese Wedding Banquet soon.




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  1. For one, I totally agree with all the above. Especially on the spending more time knowing each other as husband and wife, as opposed to stressing out on the banquets.

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