May 31, 2023

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Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam Review

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Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam Review

Where to find a good spa treatment in Setia Eco Park Shah Alam? That’s the question we asked when we were in Eco Setia Park and we found our favourite spa, Thai Odyssey at Canopy Club. They are located at Lower Ground Floor of the Canopy Club.

Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park

This Thai Odyssey outlet is quite unique. It comes with a landscape garden unlike the usual outlets in shopping malls. What we like about this outlet is it feels like the typical luxury spas in Bali.

Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park Reception Desk

We tried many different massage therapies in Thai Odyssey and one of our favourites is Thai Herbal Therapy. This therapy takes 120 mins or two hours and it started with Traditional Thai Massage for the first 60 min (1st hour) and the second hour with the Thai Herbal Therapy.

The massage treatment rooms in Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park

The reason we love Thai Odyssey so much is their therapists are well-trained and experienced from Thailand. The accuracy of the pressure points and kneading is important in Thai massage and the therapist from Thai Odyssey nailed it. After an hour of relaxing Traditional Thai Massage, the therapist continues with the Thai Herbal Therapy Service.

What is Thai Herbal Therapy?

For the Thai Herbal Therapy, they use a traditional Thai herbal ball. It is actually a heated herbal poultice filled with steamed lime leaves, lemongrass and other Thai herbs. The skilful therapist will press the herbal ball along the meridians of our body. The herbal ball is warm and it is not as hot as the ‘hot stone massage’. In fact, this is so relaxing, you can easily doze off.

The Thai therapist with the herbal balls.

The beauty of Thai Herbal Therapy is to increases circulation and energy flows thus reduces water retention, removes toxins and eases ‘trapped wind’. The light fragrant scent from the herbal ball makes the therapy more relaxing.

This is one of the best massage therapies from Thai Odyssey. We truly enjoyed our relaxing mind and soul journey for 120 mins. Trust us, you will crave for more.

Another good news for Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park. Currently, they are offering a special Spa Package of 13 sessions for RM 800 only (without GST). This is for the first 150 customers and it is for either Traditional Thai Massage (60 mins) or Thai Aromatherapy Massage (60 mins). The spa packages have been sold out but they extended another 150 customers so you can try your luck. Our advise is be quick as it sells like hot cakes!

If we stay in Setia Eco Park, we will buy a few packages and make it as a gift to my parents and for ourselves. Do check out the Thai Odyssey in Setia Eco Park and pampered yourselves and your love ones with the award winning spa in Malaysia.

For more info, visit

Opening Hours:

10.00 am – 10.00 pm

(Monday to Sunday)


Thai Odyssey Setia Eco Park Address:

No. 5-C, Lower Ground Floor, Jalan Setia Nusantara U13/17, Seksyen U13, Bandar Eco Setia, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel: 603 – 3341 3218

Fax: 603 – 3341 3215

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