February 6, 2023

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Top 14 Reasons Why Malaysians Are Barred in Airport for Traveling Abroad

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Top 14 Reasons Why Malaysians Are Barred in Airport for Traveling Abroad

Do you many Malaysians are barred in airport for traveling abroad every day? Some of the reasons might make it to social media like Facebook while most of them are too embarrassed to mention. What are the top 14 reasons why Malaysians are barred in airport for traveling abroad? We compiled this Top 14 list based on our experiences as well as our friends’ experiences. You might laugh at some of the reasons but it happened before and it might happen to you!

Picture of KLIA captured with Sony RX10 II.

Forget to bring passport

How are you going to travel abroad when you forget to bring your passport? This happens to my friends before as they left it at home. That is the main reason we keep on ask question like ‘did you bring your passport’ when you leave home so you can U-Turn back and collect it in case you left it at home.

Bring wrong passport

It happens to my friend as they brought the ‘old passport’. Now, you know why the immigration officer will cut the edge of the old passport so you know that is the expired passport.

Another case is they brought their partner’s passport. Malaysians have the habit of keeping all the passports together and sometimes when they left the house hurriedly they took the wrong one. Clap hands.

Passport Expired

Many brought their passport but they forgot that their passport had expired! Malaysians love assumption so they always assume their passport have no time limit. So remember to check the expiry date on your passport as you will be barred from traveling abroad if it is expired. Nowadays, it only take hours to renew Malaysian Passport.

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Passport Almost Expired

Your passport didn’t expire but why you are barred to travel? For most countries, you need to travel six months ahead from your passport expiry dates. If you plan to travel in July 2017, your passport expiry dates must be from February 2018 and beyond. There are chances the immigration officer in Malaysia will let you travel but you might be denied entry on the destination country. If that happens, you have to pay your own flight tickets back home.

Late Check In

This happened to most people. You arrived late to the airport and the gate closes. Next, most will start to make a long story and post in their Facebook and hope to make it viral.

We missed our flight in Gatwick Airport as we missed one of the connection trains. We didn’t make a big fuss but to find a solution with the airlines staffs. We booked the flight on the next day and slept in a hotel near the airport. We spent 250 Euros for the additional ticket and additional 70 Pounds for the stay and dinner. Lesson learnt.

We also encountered medias missing the flight as they came 30 minutes before the departure time. There are many real experiences in this so always be early. Always be two hours early (at least) for International flights. Be early to be safe and don’t complain when you miss the flight.

Checked In but Late in Boarding

There are many Malaysians checked in their flights but late to board their flight. For those who are late to board their plane, you will be kicked out from the plane and your luggage will be removed from the plane. This is a common practise so when you hear your names announced in the airport, our advice is to run to the gate and board immediately. Checking in early doesn’t mean you won’t miss your flight.

Didn’t Pay Income Tax

For those who didn’t pay for their income tax, you won’t be able to leave the country. IRB (Inland Revenue Board) won’t allow you to pay except you pay the amount you owed on the spot. There are many people who got barred from leaving the country including celebrities and even national athletes so it applies to everyone.

Didn’t Pay PTPTN Loan

For those who choose not to service their PTPTN loan, you will be barred from leaving the country until you pay a substantial amount on the spot. This is because there are many borrowers didn’t bother to pay their PTPTN loan. If you can travel abroad for holidays, you should be able to pay your PTPTN loan right?

Flights Overbooked

This is a rare case in Malaysia but it happens too. However, Malaysians are smarter than the United Airlines incident involving the Asian doctor violently removed from his seat, they airlines won’t you to check in and will reschedule your flight so you won’t be dragged out from the plane.

Flights overbooked in all airlines and it happens during peak season like festive season. It is rare but it happens sometimes.

Forget to apply VISA

This happens to our friend who were not allowed to fly as he forgot to apply VISA. When you booked an air ticket, there are notifications that many chose not to read and this is what you get when you try to be ignorant or too overconfident.

Even though Malaysians have one of the best passports in the world but we still need to apply visitor VISA to many countries. Countries like Myanmar required VISA (hey aren’t we ASEAN right?) and also countries like Australia and Canada (hey aren’t we Commonwealth countries?). So please do google search and check if you are unsure whether you need VISA to travel to certain countries.

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Went to the airport on the wrong date

Don’t laugh at this but we do know people who went to the airport on the wrong dates. Why? Some how they booked it on the wrong month or they forgotten the actual date of the flight. Malaysians are forgetful and we kid you not.

Went to the wrong airport

This happens quite often according to Grab, Uber and taxi drivers. They just go to the wrong airport. There are three airports in Klang Valley and they are Subang International Airport, KLIA and KLIA 2. Please check your air tickets and bookings clearly so you don’t go to the wrong airport!

You misspelled your name in your airline ticket

This is another common mistake by Malaysians. When they purchase the tickets, they misspelled their name wrongly. For most of the time, you have to pay for the name change on the spot or else you will be barred from traveling. The name on your airline ticket should be the same with the names on your passport. Make sure you key in correctly your name in the ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ section and also spelling of your name.

Flights Rescheduled

There are times where airlines reschedule your flights and they will email or SMS you. This happens from time to time and we heard this a lot from our friends. However, there are many ignorant Malaysians who do not read their SMS or emails so they went to the airport not knowing that their flights have been rescheduled. If the flights are rescheduled earlier then you simply missed your flights.

Can airlines reschedule your flights? Read the terms and conditions of the tickets and most airlines are able to do so.

Here are our Top 14 Reasons Why Malaysians Are Barred in Airport for Traveling Abroad. Some might sound ridiculous but it happens from time to time. We hope this will help you in your next travel. Thank you for reading guys and share it if you like it.


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