February 6, 2023

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Sony RX10 III Super Zoom Test and Review

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Sony RX10 III Super Zoom Test and Review

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) is the world’s largest independent collaboration of experts in multimedia technologies. For the EISA Awards 2017-2018, Sony has dominated the Photography category. For the super zoom camera category, the winner is Sony RX 10 III.


We are one of the influencers for Sony RX 10 III in Malaysia and South East Asia. We started our Sony RX camera experience from Sony RX10 1st series to Sony RX10 II and now Sony RX10 III.

Mount Roland, Tasmania at 24mm with Sony RX10 III.


Closing up at the sheep with super zoom of 600mm with Sony RX10 III.

One of the key features of Sony RX10 III is their super zoom function. Sony RX10 II can zoom up to 200mm while Sony RX10 III can zoom up to 600mm from 24 mm.

Sony RX10 III

We have travelled a lot with the camera to places like Macau, Japan, Cambodia and Australia.

Do you really need super zoom of 600mm for a camera? Do you ever use it?

Let me show the video sample of the scenery in Macau by zooming in from 24mm to 600mm.

So far, SONY RX10 III have been the best travel camera ever. Traveling with a camera without lenses is something a traveller should look for.

Not forgetting that the camera takes really beautiful 4K videos.

Sony RX10 III is available in Sony stores in Malaysia and all major electronic companies. For more info on Sony RX10 III visit Sony.com.my.

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