May 27, 2022

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Songkhla Old Town Street Art

The Songkhla old town we know is ‘just another town’ in Southern Thailand, no big deal and probably boring. To change that mindset, the local authorities need to re-brand the town. They need to do a ‘reset’, change the old town to ‘new’ town. It is easier to say than done so how did they re-brand the old town?

songkhla old town
Songkhla Old Town new sign means new adventure.

Songkhla old town is a historical town with many Chinese. The architecture of the buildings here is similar to Penang, Malacca and Phuket Old Town. To re-brand the image, they looked at Penang and how did the street art change the tourism there. The street art craze in Penang brings more youths and added more values for tourism.

songkhla old town street art
Picture of old coffee shop with locals chit chatting.
songkhla old town street art map
Songkhla Old Town Map with the exact locations of all the street arts

With that proven formula, the street art started over two years ago. There are more than 10 street arts or mural arts painted in different locations of Songkhla Old Town.

songkhla old town street art culture
Street art shows the life of the locals

There is some beautification on the roads and pavements of the streets too. You can find road signs in English and even in some of the popular local restaurants here.

songkhla old town street art stall
Picture of the locals enjoying food with local food cart

To be honest, we were very impressed with their version of street art. It is scattered around the old town and that makes you walk around and discover the town like you never before.

songkhla old town street art monster
A cute monster

We found some good food here which we will blog about it in the future but we really want to share this beautiful murals and encourage everyone to drive over and take a day to snap pictures with it, Instagram it and enjoy the town.

songkhla old town street art shop
Picture of a seller and a customer

Whether you are a street photographer or Instagrammer, there are so many spots in this town that is worth to shoot.

songkhla old town street art ship
Picture of a huge ship as Songkhla is one of the ship ports of Southern Thailand.

Just drive over from Hatyai for less than 45 minutes, park it in the old town and take a walk.

songkhla old town street happy kids
Love this picture. It shows happy local kids with different ethnicity. Probably a Thai Muslim, Thai and Thai Chinese.
songkhla old town street art dogs and cats
A dog being playful with cats.

Have fun taking pictures with the street art and try some of the local food here. It is slightly different than the food you can find in Hatyai.

songkhla old town street art anime
Some of the modern paintings you can find.
songkhla old town street art bicycle
Old man riding his bicycle.

Look at the pictures we took and that is not all the street arts that Songkhla old town that offer.

songkhla old town street art blue smile cafe
A colourful Cafe.
songkhla old town street art chinese opera
A Chinese soap opera artist.

Time to rediscover Songkhla Old Town, it is colorful, hipster and fun now.

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