December 11, 2023


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Popular Ultraman Salted Egg Stall in Cheras and SS2 Night Market

If you have been to the popular Connaught Pasar Malam or Night Market on Wednesdays, you probably know about this Ultraman Salted Egg stall. There are two Ultraman Salted Egg stalls in Connaught night market, one is fake and one is original. The original stall comes with many photos with celebrities and lots of Ultraman figures.

ultraman salted egg
Popular Ultraman Salted Egg Stall in Cheras and SS2 Night Market

The Ultraman Salted Egg stall also operates in Taman Segar night market on Fridays and also in SS2 night market if not mistaken. When you walk past the stall, you can smell the aroma of the salted egg. It is very prominent and you won’t missed it.

What they do is they deep fry the food first and then they cook the salted egg sauce and stir fried with it. With proper technique, you can see each and every single piece is coated with salted egg sauce.

ultraman salted egg paste
Cooking the salted egg sauce.

They offer salted egg with chicken, pumpkin, squid, beancurd, abalone mushroom and mantis prawns. For the small size, it is RM 7 and the large size at RM 11 per packet. If you mix two different types of salted egg food, you pay RM 14 or a mixture of everything at RM 17. Salted Egg mantis prawns cost more than the rest.

ultraman salted egg cooking
Stir frying the chicken for the salted egg to coat it nicely.
ultraman salted egg cooking chicken
Cook showing off his stir frying skills.

We went to this stall for a few times and we were not impressed on our first visit. On our first visit, we had salted egg pumpkin and squid (sotong). Honestly, the taste of the salted egg is good but coating was thick and the squid is overcooked.

ultraman salted egg pricing
Ultraman Salted Egg Stall

On our next visit, we noticed that most customers ordered their salted egg chicken thus we ordered that. Somehow, the salted egg chicken taste really good. The chicken is tender and the coating is just right.

ultraman salted egg squid
Salted Egg Squid

Now, we usually ordered the salted egg chicken as it is the right combination and taste in our opinion. Give it a try, maybe you prefer the salted egg squid than the salted egg chicken.

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