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Singapore Flyer Flight and Gardens by the Bay Discount Ticket Deal

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Singapore Flyer Flight and Gardens by the Bay Discount Ticket Deal

Singapore is one of the countries that I travelled often in my life. I used to visit Singapore a few times a year when I was a teenager. Few reasons for that, it was cheaper back then as the exchange rates were not that bad so my family will go there for school holidays. Fast forward to 2018, it is not cheap to visit Singapore but you still can find great deals when you visit Singapore.

singapore flyer
Singapore Flyer Flight

There are a few main attractions you must visit in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands, Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Orchard Road and more. If you want to learn some Singapore cuisine, you can read our experience here.

Basically we got a special deal for Singapore Flyer Flight and Gardens by the Bay via It is cheaper than what you can get out there. You just need to pay S$52 instead of S$61 and that is 15% discount. You can get it at h:ttps// You simply show them the mobile voucher and they will exchange it to a physical ticket for you. It is really simple and easy to use. We have been using Klook for our travel since last year and booked more than 20 times for our travels in Japan, Macau, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. There is no issue at all! Remember to review the activity to receive bonus credits for your next booking at

Now, let’s share our experience at Singapore Flyer Flight and Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore Flyer Flight

singapore flyer flight

We wanted to hop on to Singapore Flyer Flight but we missed it for a few times. Once it was closed for maintenance and another time it was closed for bad weather. In our opinion, this is similar to London Eye in London so if you want to complete your travel in Singapore, you must hop on to Singapore Flyer.

We took Uber to Singapore Flyer, slightly expensive than the bus but it is faster and more convenient.

marina bay sands and city

We went there during late afternoon and we were lucky to experience the magic hour while we were in the Ferris wheel. The view from the top of the Singapore Flyer was spectacular and how the colour of the sky turns to reddish blue.

You can easily spot Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands from here. The view of the Singapore CBD is also breathtaking. This is worth the visit in our opinion.

Gardens By The Bay

cloud forest misty view

We visited Gardens by the Bay twice. The experience is surreal especially if you are visiting the Cloud Forest. The experience during day and night is totally different so we will advice you to visit during late afternoon and chill until evening. There is lots of photo opportunities here.

Compare to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome, both offer different experiences. We must say, we prefer the Cloud Forest Dome.

cloud forest night

The huge waterfall is breath taking and during night time, you will feel like you are in a jungle. There are probably not many jungles left in Singapore but this feels like one. Don’t worry, this jungle is very cold and there are no wild animals here.

cloud forest night view

After your visit to Gardens By The Bay,there is the Gardens By The Bay night light and sound show every night. That show is free by the way so we got it planned it for you nicely.

Book now at for the Singapore Flyer Flight and Gardens by the Bay Discount Ticket Deal. Why pay more when you can get discount?


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