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80,000 Durians Sold to China in 60 Seconds in Alibaba

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80,000 Durians Sold to China in 60 Seconds in Alibaba

Gone in 60 seconds! 80,000 durians sold to China in 60 seconds on Alibaba’s trading platform T-Mall. This is the magic of e-commerce or more like magic of Jack Ma. He was in Thailand for a mega deal investment with Thailand and he showed what his online platform can deliver within one minute.

alibaba durian

The pre-orders were over 60,000 orders and the numbers rose to 80,000 within a minute. This is fresh durians from Thailand of the ‘Golden Pillow’ or Monthong durian type. The size of Golden Pillow durian is often huge and it can go up to 7kg per durian. The taste is sweet and it is not popular in Malaysia.

The 80,000 Thai durians weigh 200,000 kilograms are sold within 60 seconds. An order for 4.5kg to 5kg of Golden Pillow Durian goes for 199 Chinese RMB (US$32 / RM 123) inclusive of delivery and taxes.

gollden pillow
Old picture of 7kg Golden Pillow durian.

You might be thinking, if Thailand can sell 80,000 fresh durians to China and why Malaysia cannot sell 80,000 durians? Malaysia’s Musang King durian taste better than Thailand’s Golden Pillow? Let’s not start the debate which durian is better or whose button is bigger.

Why can’t Malaysia sell fresh durians to China like Thailand?

We all know Jack Ma is investing lots of money in Malaysia and he is also a good friend to our government and our country. In Malaysia, we do have Alibaba and Tmall like Thailand too.

So, what is the main reason why can’t Malaysia sell fresh durians to China like Thailand?

This goes back to the knowledge of durians in Thailand and Malaysia. In Thailand, durians are cut from the tree before it is ripe while in Malaysia, we wait for the durians to fall once they are ripe.

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Thailand durians can last for weeks and Malaysia durians can last for days. That’s why the smell of Thailand durians is not as strong as Malaysia durians.

Malaysia durians are frozen and sent to China and there is no export of fresh durians except special events. Please do not believe in rumours of Malaysia durians rejected by China as it was fake news.

In our opinion, it is a blessing in disguise. If Malaysia can sell 80,000 durians to China, we wonder how much will be durian prices in Malaysia? Probably over RM 100 per kg for Musang King? =)

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