February 5, 2023

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TrollsTopia in Universal Studios Singapore | Trolls Dreamland

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TrollsTopia in Universal Studios Singapore | Trolls Dreamland

Have you watched The Trolls Movie before? The movie is kid’s magnet, our boys loved it so much. In fact, most kids enjoyed that movie. I watched Trolls like more than a hundred times with my boys. They loved the movie so much, they want me to play the songs even in the car.

Trolls the movie is fun but the songs are really good. There are two awesome songs in the movie and they are ‘True Colors’ and ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

Just watch the movie on Netflix so you know what we are talking about.

We always wanted a family travel since last year so we decided to visit Universal Studios Singapore for the weekend as TrollsTopia is happening right now. It is from 9th March to 29th April 2018. We always wanted them to experience the Universal Studios theme park so we thought this is a good idea. Flying to Japan will be pricey so going to Singapore is a cheaper option. Furthermore, my youngest boy is two so he won’t be eligible for most adventurous rides.

Thus, we went to Singapore for a family staycation and we stayed in Grand Mercure Roxy Patong. We got our tickets from Klook.com and we skipped the queue by showing our printed tickets (or barcode in your smart phone).

Once you enter Universal Studios Singapore, you will reach the Hollywood Zone and that is where the TrollsTopia is happening. This is where our boys went crazy to see Trolls.

Universal Studios Singapore is not as huge as Universal Studios Japan but if you are bringing your family, it is good for a day. We didn’t fully explore all the activities of TrollsTopia as we want our boys to experience all the zones.

Let me list down all the TrollsTopia Event Highlights:

  1. Glitterpalooza
  2. TrollsTopia Show (as shown in our video)
  3. Hug Time Trio
  4. Trollify Yourself
  5. VR Troll Art
  6. VR Beat Feat

There are also Trolls merchandises for sales and we got two booster pillows for our boys. They do have limited edition items like Girls Tees, Drawstring backpack, mug, plush, notebook, acrylic magnet, lanyard, pens and waterglobe magnets. We stick with the pillows so the boys actually use the items.

The TrollsTopia Show was fun and energetic. The most important part is our boys enjoyed it. That was the whole idea of bringing them to see Trolls in person in Universal Studios Singapore.

We didn’t have the best day to visit Universal Studios Singapore. It was occasionally rain in the afternoon and even we knew about it (after checking the weather forecast), we have to visit the theme park as it is the only free day we had in Singapore.

The rain didn’t stop us from exploring all the zones. As expected, our boys got tired and they napped in the afternoon. We didn’t take the strollers as we felt it is more convenient that way. Everyone got really tired at the end of the day but we felt it is worth it.

We took photos and videos during this trip so even if the youngest boy couldn’t remember, we as parents will remember this experience forever.

We blogged this first as the TrollsTopia event is ending this week. Even there is no TrollsTopia, Universal Studios Singapore is still worth the visit. We will blog about family travel tips for Universal Studios Singapore soon.

Buy the Universal Studios Singapore tickets from Klook.com (like we always do) as they offer the best rates and you don’t need to queue for tickets.

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