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Shunde Seafood Restaurant Cheras Batu 9 Balakong Review

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Shunde Seafood Restaurant Cheras Batu 9 Balakong Review

shunde seafood restaurant

Please take note that this restaurant is permanently closed.

Shunde seafood restaurant in Cheras Batu 9 Balakong is one of the few Shunde style restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. What is Shunde? Let us explain. Shunde is a district in Foshan, Guangdong China. Their cuisine is slightly different than the usual Cantonese cuisine. Our first taste of Shunde cuisine was in Hong Kong in Fung Shing Restaurant (鳳城酒家) Nathan Road.

In Kuala Lumpur, we also went to other Shunde restaurants such as ST Restaurant Taman Bukit Hijau Cheras Sun Tuck Cuisine and Youmiqi Cuisine Old Klang Road. We discovered this Shunde Seafood Restaurant by chance as we were scouting for new restaurants in Cheras Batu 9 near Balakong.

shunde seafood restaurant cheras batu 9

They are located at No. 29, Jalan Tengah, Cheras Selatan 118, a row of new building located opposite of AEON Cheras Selatan (former Jusco Cheras Selatan).

We had our family dinner there and we didn’t order a lot of food. Most of the food we ordered are recommended by them.

shunde seafood restaurant black fungus and yam
Pan fried Black Fungus and Yam

This not so good looking pan fried black fungus and yam is actually very tasty. It is deep fried black fungus and yam stuffed with meat and the style is similar to our ‘yong tau fu’.

shunde seafood restaurant hotpot
Shunde Seafood Hotpot

The Shunde style seafood hotpot comes with fish, clams, meat ball and more. Their version of soup is pretty tasty and it goes well with rice. The seafood is fresh and overall the taste is good. It didn’t disappoint us and the pricing is quite reasonable for this hotpot.

shunde seafood restaurant grilled pork neck
Grilled Pork Neck

The grilled pork neck is their ‘special dish’ and it is another tasty dish, the meat is full of flavour but the portion is too huge. The pricing of this is pretty expensive compare to other dishes. The pork neck is around RM 40++ per plate. Since it is a special dish, it is not listed in the menu and the owner didn’t inform us about the pricing and portion. It was only four adults and we already had the huge hotpot and pan fried black fungus and yam so this is too much for us.

Overall, the food is good and please ask the prices of their ‘special dishes’ which is not listed in the menu. We were disappointed by the miscommunication between us and the owner but we will still give our honest review of this restaurant. If you have craving for Shunde cuisine and you stay near Balakong, you can consider visiting this restaurant.

Shunde Seafood Restaurant Address and Phone:

No. 29, Jalan Tengah, Cheras Selatan 118,

43200 Cheras Batu 9

Phone: +603 9081 5621

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