May 31, 2023

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Crab Roe Noodle at San Long Kei Mei Sek (澳門新龍記美食) in Macau

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Crab Roe Noodle at San Long Kei Mei Sek (澳門新龍記美食) in Macau

Shrimp roe noodle is a popular food in Macau and Hong Kong. Since we travelled to Macau often, we visited a few popular restaurants offering shrimp roe noodles such as Wong Chi Kei and Oja Sopa De Fita Cheung Kei (祥記麵家) Restaurant. However on my recent trip to Macau, we found a restaurant offers crab roe noodle. The restaurant is called San Long Mei Sek or (澳門新龍記美食).

San Long Mei Sek (澳門新龍記美食)is located at Rua Sul do Patane, No 29, Centro Comercial Wa Pou. Our friend Michael brought us here as he stayed in Macau. We took a public bus and it is quite far from the city centre.

The full name of the restaurant is called Estabelecimento De Comidas Macau San Long Kei Mei Sek. The shorter name is San Long Kei Mei Sek.

You don’t see many write ups about this place as it is located far from the city centre. It is a typical Macanese restaurant and we ordered the signature crab roe noodle and fried squid balls.


Crab Roe Noodles ($40)

Before we talk about the taste of this noodle, let’s look at the pricing. The crab roe noodle is priced at $40 and it is way cheaper than the popular shrimp roe noodles that is selling in the city. Some restaurant is selling shrimp roe noodles at $60 so you are paying a fraction of the popular restaurants.

Crab Roe Noodles ($40)

We always enjoy the egg noodles in Macau. The texture of the noodle here is al-dente and you get the satisfaction in every bite of the noodle. The crab roe enhanced the flavour of the noodle. Hence, the crab roe is not as dry like the usual shrimp roe so it gives a different texture. We don’t mind coming here again for this.

Fried Squid Balls ($30) for 3 balls

We also ordered a side dish which is the fried squid balls. Once you take a bite on the squid ball, you will get the ‘explosion’ in your mouth due to the mayonnaise within.

Honestly, we enjoyed this too. The mayonnaise is oozing out of the squid ball and the taste is pretty good.

San Long Kei Mei Sek (澳門新龍記美食)’s location is quite far out of the city so you need to take a taxi or Uber to come here. The food here is good and if you want to taste crab roe noodles, you can consider visiting this restaurant. Thank you again Michael for bringing me here and also Yvonne who is silly enough to follow us on this little food adventure.


Macau San Long Kei Mei Sek 澳門新龍記美食 Restaurants. Address:

Rua Sul do Patane, No 29, Centro Comercial Wa Pou, R/C, Macau.

Phone: 28252517.

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