November 30, 2023


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This Nasi Lemak Recipe from Australian Chef Looks Like Nasi Goreng

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This Nasi Lemak Recipe from Australian Chef Looks Like Nasi Goreng

nasi lemak good chef

We found this old video on Facebook dated March this year by Good Chef Bad Chef on cooking nasi lemak. Good Chef Bad Chef is a food TV show on Australia and they were on Asian Food Channel many years ago.

The video post comes with the caption as below:

 ‘Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Nasi Lemak is a great way to save leftover rice from the bin! Flavoured with plenty of AYAM Australia & New Zealand sauces, it can be on the table in half an hour

A picture with the chef in 2011.

We personally met Chef Adrian Richardson in 2011 when the show was running in Asian Food Channel in Malaysia. He had an event in J.W. Marriot and he can cook and he is a funny guy too. We had one of the best beef steaks ever cooked by Chef Adrian Richardson.

The issue of the nasi lemak recipe is it is NOT a nasi lemak. It is more like a nasi goreng which is typical Malaysian – Indonesian – Singaporean fried rice.

Honestly, the chef can really cook but that is not a nasi lemak as that is a fried rice. In fact, there is no diced bacon in nasi lemak ever even it is sold by Chinese sellers. The Chinese version of Nasi Lemak offers fried pork luncheon meat, curry pork, curry wild boar and others but not diced bacon (bacon is expensive).

We appreciate how chefs in other parts of the world trying to promote Nasi Lemak but in proper way please. This feels like naming Spaghetti Cabonara as Spaghetti Bolognaise, it is still spaghetti but different thing.

nasi lemak

Nasi Lemak comes with coconut rice, cucumber, fried anchovies, peanuts, sambal chili sauce and egg (boiled). You can add on additional items such as fried chicken, chicken rendang, curry chicken, cockles, squid and many more. Nasi Lemak is never stir fried and there is also variation of green colour rice (with pandan flavour) in Singapore. The above Nasi Lemak is from Village Park.

You can try to cook his version of nasi lemak and you can find the recipe at




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