February 9, 2023

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Toast and Roast SS2 Petaling Jaya

Recently, we went to Toast and Roast SS2 for char siew with our old university mates. This is recommended by our friends and we went there for lunch. We are not staying in this part of Klang Valley so we don’t usually hang out in Petaling Jaya and hence you don’t see many of our reviews in this area. We know Toast and Roast has been around for years and we heard there is another independent outlet called T N R by Sean Angie (former owner). This is my first time visiting Toast and Roast and maybe we could visit T N R in the future.

We love char siew and you can read some of our old reviews of good char siew places in Klang Valley such as Spring Golden and Meng Kee in Shah Alam, Sun Ming, Sweetland and Uncle Meng in Cheras.

This is a popular place so it is packed during lunch hour. We managed to get a table before noon while the crowd starts to fill in the restaurant.

Their char siew is charged by grams and it is not cheap. We ordered the large size and it comes in a plate good for three persons.

The Char Siew pricing:

Small : RM 11

Medium: RM 22

Large: RM 33

500g : RM 55

1kg: RM 110

You can tell from the picture the char siew is tasty. The outer layer is nicely caramelized and not overburnt. The texture is soft and it melts in the mouth. What we like about this version of char siew is it not too caramelized or too sweet. This is one of the best char siew we had for sure.

The roast chicken is nothing spectacular, you probably can skip ordering this. This is the usual roast chicken at most chicken rice stall.

You will see many tables are ordering the Hakka noodle. It comes with generous amount of minced pork and pork lard. The texture of the noodle is firm and the taste is pretty good. You won’t complain about the crunchy texture of the pork lard.

If you are counting your calories, please don’t visit Toast & Roast. If you are having a cheat day, this is the place you can really cheat. We love the taste and the texture of the char siew, not too sweet and it melts in the mouth. It complements well with the Hakka noodle.

They open daily except Tuesdays.

Toast & Roast SS2 Address:  

No. 20, Jalan SS2/72

Petaling Jaya


Phone: 012-230 7766

Closed on Tuesdays

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