January 31, 2023

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AK Fishball Opens at The Gardens Mid Valley

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AK Fishball Opens at The Gardens Mid Valley

AK Fishball at The Gardens Mid Valley

You probably saw AK Fishball in one of the popular malls in Klang Valley. The story of Ah Koong (AK) dates back to 40 years ago when they started handmade fishballs in Johor Bahru. The fishballs were made by Ah Koong’s father using only fresh wolf-herring fish and it quickly gained popularity among the locals due to its freshness and taste. Just weeks ago, they opened at Lower Ground, The Gardens Mid Valley.

AK Fishball at The Gardens Mid Valley

Ah Koong the founder of Restaurant Ah Koong started their first Ah Koong restaurant outlet in 1987 selling fishball noodles. Over the years, Ah Koong opened their 2nd and 3rd outlet in Kuala Lumpur. We blogged about their Pudu outlet 10 years ago when we spotted them next to the former Shaw Parade Shopping Mall. In 2008, Ah Koong established AK Fishball with aim to offer their signature fish ball noodles to a wider market by targeting shoppers in local shopping malls with brand new HALAL certified menu. This new AK Fishball concept aimed at providing a modern and fast dining experience.

We went to AK Fishball outlet at The Gardens Mid Valley a few days ago to check out their fish noodles. You can’t miss that huge Bumblebee figurine outside their shop and how I love the bright lights that makes the restaurant clean.

The food we ordered at AK Fishball at The Gardens Mid Valley

AK Fishball at The Gardens offer many noodles dishes with their signature fish balls. We ordered two fish noodles, one with the clear soup and one with the laksa soup.

Fish noodles with clear soup

They have a very simple menu and their owner will offer more dishes in upcoming months with a new menu. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious food, you must visit AK Fishball.

Love the fresh fishballs and fish noodles

Their version of fish noodles is tasty and delicious. For the clear soup, you can enjoy the natural taste of the fish noodles as well as the fishballs.

Fish noodles with laksa soup

For the laksa version, the taste of the soup is just right and it complements well with the noodles. If you are fan of fishballs, AK Fishball is a must place for you to visit.

Fried Tau Pok

We also ordered their side fish Fried Tau Pok. They use only fresh wolf-herring fish but the taste is better than we expected.

Please take note that AK Fishball is HALAL certified. They are open from 10 am to 10 pm and located at Lower Ground The Gardens Mid Valley. The food here is fresh, healthy and delicious and it is good for family with kids. Do check out their noodles and do let us know what you think.

For more info, visit https://www.aknoodles.com.my/

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