February 6, 2023

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Famous Dimsum Breakfast at Betong Town Tai Xee Hee

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Famous Dimsum Breakfast at Betong Town Tai Xee Hee

This is probably the most popular dimsum restaurant in Betong Thailand. The restaurant is called Tai Xee Hee and it is located near the famous Betong tunnel.

It is coffee shop style dim sum restaurant. Like most dim sum restaurants in Southern Thailand, you pick the dim sum and they will cook it for you.

There will be a table filled with different types of dim sum for you to choose. You get a tray to pick your dim sum, pass to the workers and they will send it to your table.

There are two floors in this restaurant. Once the ground floor is packed, they will move you to the 2nd floor and there are more tables available.

For drinks, you can order many Malaysian favourite drinks such as ‘teh tarik’ or coffee on top of the usual Chinese tea.

They also offer fried noodles, chee cheong fun, yam cakes and steamed buns on top of the dim sum.

Overall, the taste of the food is here is good but do not compare with the ones in Malaysia. The food prices here are affordable too (even after conversion). This is the famous dimsum breakfast at Betong Town compare to the others.

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Tai Xee Hee Address:

อำเภอเบตง ยะลา 95110

Phone: +66 73 230 459

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