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Savoey Thai Restaurant at Tha Maharaj 2019

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Savoey Thai Restaurant at Tha Maharaj 2019

savoey tha maharaj

We visited the Savoey Tha Maharaj in Bangkok Thailand four years ago and we enjoyed the food. We heard they renovated and reopened last year. Savoey is a reputable Thai food restaurant in Bangkok. The first restaurant was opened over 40 years ago at Daimaru Rajadamri, one of Bangkok’s biggest department stores at the time. For the past couple of years, Savoey Thai restaurant opened more branches so their regular customers can enjoy their popular local and seafood cuisine.

savoey tha maharaj

We blog about Tha Maharaj a couple of years back. The Tha Maharaj is located on Maharaj Road in Rattanakosin Island (somewhere in Bangkok) and it is built in the early Rattansakosin period. It is located on the bank of Chao Phraya river and it is surrounded by the culture heritage and tourist attractions such as The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun and many more.

Savoey Thai Restaurant is located at Tha Maharaj and it is overlooking the Chao Phraya River. You get the best sunset view of Chao Phraya River in the restaurant and watching how the locals commute the taxi boats along the river.

What is new at Savoey Tha Maharaj? They did some refurbishments on the interior and they offer some new dishes to their menu.

savoey tha maharaj grilled river prawn

Savoey Tha Maharaj now offers Ayutthaya’s version of Grilled river prawns. These are huge river prawns (and do ask for the price before you order as they charge per 100 grams).

These huge river prawns are slowly cooked with charcoal grilled by the local chefs. You can check out the chefs cooking the river prawns to perfection.

We are huge fan of grilled river prawns. These prawns are as big as arm’s length so it is not cheap. The best to cook fresh seafood is either steam or grill and eat it as its own before you complement with any sauces.

savoey tha maharaj grilled river prawn

We enjoyed this very much as you can taste the natural taste of the prawn’s egg and the texture of the meat is very bitey. This is a must try even though it is a bit pricey.

savoey tha maharaj roast duck

Thai version of Roast duck. We tasted the Thai version of roast duck in a few restaurants in Thailand and it is different than Malaysia or Hong Kong’s version. For the taste it is similar but their version of roast duck offers softer texture skin instead of crispy texture. Instead of the usual sweet sauce, Thai offer the sauce with chili. Something different you might consider of ordering.

savoey tha maharaj pineapple rice

We always a big fan of Pineapple fried rice and will order whenever we travel for food in Thailand. Their version comes with prawns, crab meat and meat floss. The rice cooked with turmeric is fragrant and we enjoyed the sweetness of the taste together with the pineapple and also the different texture from the prawn, crab meat and meat floss.

savoey tha maharaj tom yum

For tom yam lover, you must order their version of Tom Yum Goong. It comes with reasonably large size prawns and the taste of the spicy and sour soup is satisfying.

savoey tha maharaj fried fish

Their Deep Fried Snapper with Fish Sauce is one of the dishes we ordered. The fish is deep fried to perfection, crispy on the outer layer while the texture of the meat is still strong. The fish is tasty and enjoyable and it complements well with the fragrant fish sauce.

There are other dishes we ordered that night includes grilled chicken, squid with lime sauce, chicken satay and more.

savoey tha maharaj food

The evening vibes here is very good as you sit next to the Chao Phraya river. We will come here once in a while when we travel to Bangkok as it is this area is not that commercialised or touristy. You get a good table by the river, enjoy the view and the breeze from the wind.

If you are looking for a Thai seafood restaurant with a view to kill, come to Savoey Tha Maharaj. They do have other outlets in Sukhumvit Soi 26, Terminal 21 Asoke and Terminal 21 Pattaya and for more info, visit

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