March 22, 2023

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Savoey Thai Restaurant at Tha Maharaj

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Savoey Thai Restaurant at Tha Maharaj

Savoey is a reputable Thai food restaurant in Bangkok. The first restaurant was over 40 years ago at Daimaru Rajadamri, one of Bangkok’s biggest department stores at the time. After so many great years, Savoey is one of local’s favourite authentic Thai restaurants in Bangkok and it has spread its wings with a few new branches.

I went to the Tha Maharaj’s outlet, a beautiful riverside restaurant overlooking the Chao Phraya River. Even though Tha Maharaj wasn’t fully opened, Savoey is already packed.

This is the actual view from Savoey Restaurant in Tha Maharaj.

The view is amazing at The Savoey at Tha Maharaj especially during sunset. Please book your tables as it is often packed in this restaurants as locals simply love to dine here.

These are very unique drinks created by Savoey, check out their menu drinks for more.

Savoey offers many signature Thai dishes and they offer more than 90 types of dishes in their menu excluding desserts! If you want to be spoil with choices, you can come at Savoey.

I had dinner at Savoey with my four Thai friends including the owner. There were five of us and the dinner was a feast.

Savoey Signature Spring Rolls


We started the dinner with one of their signature dishes. This is their signature spring rolls. This is the healthy version of spring rolls, it taste better with the greens.

Savoey Green papaya salad and pickled roe crabs

Savoey green papaya salad and pickled roe crabs. It is slightly spicy but this is refreshing. If you notice, most of the authentic Thai dishes come with lots of green.

Savoey fresh oyster with thai condiments


Savoey fresh oyster with thai condiments. These huge fresh oysters are farmed in Thailand. To be precise, it is farmed in Koh Samui. It is larger than the usual Australian oysters as the locals love huge oysters. I love fresh oysters and I don’t mind the extra Iron in my body.

Savoey signature honey roasted pork spare ribs

Savoey signature honey roasted pork spare ribs. How to describe this? Fragrant honey roasted pork spare ribs with soft texture, tasty and delicous and goes well with white rice. I am sure kids will love this. 

Savoey stir fried chinese kale with fried pork

Savoey stir fried chinese kale with fried pork. Chinese kale is “kai lan”. This is simple kai lan stir fried with fried pork (their version of siew yoke).


Savoey stir fried curry crab

Savoey stir fried curry crab. I love this. The curry is not spicy and fragrant. The crab is fresh and I can order a couple of more plates of this, I can promise you. Probably what missing here is the Chinese bun (mantao). This is gorgeous.

Savoey braised oyster omelette

Savoey braised oyster omelette. What is braised oyster omelette, in layman terms, this is oyster omeletter or “oh chien”. This is Thai version of “oh chien”, crispy and little starchy with oysters (hidden in the picture). This goes well with the chili sauce.

Grass Jelly with mixed beans un fresh milk

Grass Jelly with mixed beans in fresh milk. This is very refreshing and for grass jelly lovers, you should order this.

Taro Bualoy with coconut ice-cream topped with crispy rice

Taro Bualoy with coconut ice-cream topped with crispy rice. This is an authentic Thai dessert. The usual bualoy is rice ball but this version, they use taro or yam for bualoy. You get the crunchy texture of the crispy rice and then the rich creamy texture of the coconut ice cream, this is how a dessert should be.

A group wefie with the owner, Thai and Korean celebrities.

It was an amazing feast of Thai food and dessert at Savoey Thai Restaurant at Tha Maharaj. I must also compliment the friendly services and this is not because I was having dinner together with the owner but this is the culture of this restaurant. For sure I will recommend this restaurants to my readers, friends and families for authentic Thai food in Bangkok. They have a couple of outlets in Bangkok and for more info, visit  Fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok with Malaysia Airlines, you can also try their MHUpgrade to bid to upgrade to business class. Read more about MHUpgrade at

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