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9 Things you should know about IOI Resort City

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9 Things you should know about IOI Resort City

You probably know about IOI Resort City but do you know it offers more than what it is now. What you see in IOI Resort City is just part of the whole master plan and there are 9 Things you should know about IOI Resort City

IOI Resort City Masterplan

1. A World Class Vision by Tan Sri Dato’ Lee Shin Cheng

The IOI Resort City is the world class vision as the pulse of the southern Klang Valley.

The vision is to build a resort city that is affordable for living, an ideal place for family, a strategic location for investment and convenient to travel to other areas of Klang Valley. (not only Klang Valley, as we are also very near to North South Highway)

2. It is linked with many major highways

IOI Resort City has the advantage of being located in a central location and surrounded by established amenities and conveniences. Served by one of the best highway networks in the Klang Valley, IOI Resort City is connected by SKVE as the main entry and exit route. Other highways which enhance connectivity include:

  • LDP
  • Maju Expressway
  • SILK Highway
  • North-South Highway
  • Besraya Highway

With this established network of highways, IOI Resort City is well connected to major cities like PutrajayaCyberjayaPuchong, and Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

3.The IOI Resort City is probably one of the best community township in Malaysia. It is the perfect place to live in and to invest in.

IOI Resort City by TianChad.com

Why? There are shopping malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, golf courses and parks within IOI Resort City. Imagine staying in the community of professionals such as doctors, lecturers and having one of the largest shopping mall within walking distance within the resort city. Not forgetting an International standard golf course and Ice skating rink within the resort. This is probably one of the best communities to stay in the country.

Thus, there is a lot the community can look forward to within a 15 kilometre radius that include:

  • 4 shopping malls,
  • 2 hospitals,
  • 7 international schools,
  • 3 Chinese primary schools,
  • 5 tertiary education institutions,
  • 4 golf courses,
  • 6 four- & five-star hotels.

With such dynamic growth taking place, IOI Resort City is poised to become the next benchmark sustainable development and the most liveable place in Malaysia.

4. Shopping Malls within IOI Resort City

IOI City Mall

The IOI City Mall is the biggest mall within IOI Resort City. It is currently expanding to phase two which is double of its current size and it will feature more premium brand stores as well as sports facilities. It doesn’t stop there as there are plans for phase three of IOI City Mall which includes a new office tower. For info on IOI City Mall, visit https://www.ioicitymall.com.my/home/

IOI City Mall is not just the usual shopping mall as they offer many unique attractions such as District 21, IceScape and GSC Cinemas. On top of that, IOI City Mall also offer TESCO supermarket, Parkson Departmental Store, Harvey Norman and Home Pro.

On top of that there are many popular fast food chain within the mall includes McDonald’s, A&W, KFC, Texas Fried Chicken, Marrybrown, Burger King and more.

There is also many other popular restaurants such as Nandos, Korean and Japanese restaurants and other International cuisines restaurants.

There are four shopping malls near IOI Resort City within 15km radius and they are IOI City Mall (within IOI Resort City), Alamanda Putrajaya (8km), Mines Shopping Center (10km) and AEON Shopping Centre (11km).

5. There are 12 Educational Institutions near IOI Resort City

Eaton International School

For young parents out there, finding a home with educational institutions nearby is a must. There are 12 educational institutions or schools near IOI Resort City within the 15 km radius. There are government schools, private colleges, international schools, private universities and public universities. The following are the list of the 12 Educational Institutions near within the 15 km radius.

1. Tanarata International School (5km)

2. Nexus International School (6km)

3. University Tenaga Nasional (6km)

4. University Putra Malaysia (7 km)

5. Rafflesia International & Private Schools (8km)

6. SJRK (C) Serdang Baru 2 – 9km

7. LimKokWing University (11km)

8. Alice Smith (12km)

9. Australian International School Malaysia (12km)

10. Eaton International School (13km)

11. Multimedia University (15km)

12. ELC International School (15km)

If you stay in a community surrounded with 12 educational institutions, you can’t ask for more! Residents of IOI Resort City not only enjoy the conveniences, but also a community of quality as many lecturers are residing in IOI Resort City.

6. IOI Resort City Is Near Two Hospitals

IOI Resort City is located near two well known public hospitals and they are Hospital Serdang and Hospital Putrajaya. My late grandmother was admitted previously to Hospital Serdang in the past and it comes with a wide range of facilities and services. But one thing to note is that Hospital Serdang lacks of parking spaces, but you do not have to worry about parking and if you are live just 5 minutes away, you can just drop off your family member or grab a cab.

Hospital Serdang is only about 1km away while Hospital Putrajaya is approximately about 11km away. Having a hospital nearby is important for any family emergency especially if you have any elderly family members living with you.

There will be one more new hospital – Cyberjaya Hospital expected to complete 2020.

Source: https://dpik.com.my/project/proposed-development-of-cyberjaya-hospital-288-beds-on-lot-47686-and-h-s-d-28779-pt-no-41461-at-persiaran-multimedia-cyber-11-cyberjaya-mukim-dengkil-daerah-sepang-selangor-darul-ehsan/

7. There are 3 hotels in IOI Resort City

There is no township that offers three hotels in the vicinity. Currently, IOI Resort City offers three hotels and they are the 5-star Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa, Le Méridien and 4-star Palm Garden Hotel.

Le Méridien Putrajaya

The hotels here are very popular among the tourists, locals for weekend staycations and also wedding dinners.

On top of that there are many other attractions nearby such as Putrajaya Wetlands, Botanic gardens, Flyboarding Experience in Putrajaya, and others.

 8. The Palm Garden Golf Course

This is the best neighbourhood with golf facilities and you could argue that the dream home for golfers.

The Palm Garden Golf Club

The Palm Garden Golf Club is one of the top golf courses in the country. They hosted many local and International golf events from time to time.

-18 hole championship golf course

-open to public, no long term membership required

-massive golf course size of 6402 meters

For more info, visit http://www.palmgarden.net.my/

There are four golf courses near IOI Resort City within 15km radius and they are Palm Garden Golf Club within IOI Resort City, Mines Resort and Golf (10km), Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club (13km) and Kajang Hill Golf Club (14km).

9. Upcoming Projects

There are many upcoming projects for IOI Resort City and they are the phase 2 expansion of IOI City Mall and the launch of Clio 2 Residences. You can read more about Clio 2 Residences at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2019/04/theclio2residences.html

The upcoming The Gem Residences is a unique project for the young family and elderly people.  They will offer homes with top notch service and it could be the first of its kind in Malaysia. The Gem Residences will be a joint venture project with a Japanese developer.

The GEM Residences is a very interesting project. The GEM Residences offer luxurious detached and semi-detached layout with all the bedrooms looking out. It includes 3 acres environment deck with various recreational facilities with greenery view of Putrajaya Wetland. Four units per floor with exclusive private lift lobby for privacy and more.

For more info on IOI Resort City, please visit https://www.ioiproperties.com.my/township/ioi-resort-city-putrajaya

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