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Museum DAH Busan Korea Largest Digital Art Museum

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Museum DAH Busan Korea Largest Digital Art Museum

museum dah
Experience 360 degrees digital animation experience

We visited Busan for the first time last week and one of the best places we visited is the Korea’s largest digital art museum, Museum DAH. Museum DAH is located at Centum City commercial district, Haeundae Busan.

museum DAH busan
Museum DAH Busan

Museum DAH is currently hosting the “Maximalia” Exhibition from now until 16 February 2020. You can easily spot the museum with the colourful decorated Porsche next to the entrance of the museum.

For the entrance fees, the tickets are priced at 18,000 Korean Won and they open daily from 9 am until 7pm except Mondays.

museum dah mona lisa
Moving Arts at Museum DAH

Museum DAH is 2,314 square meter or 24,907 square feet in size and it is a two storey building. From the entrance, the museum looks usual but as you step in, you start to feel the vibes of the digital art work by the digital art duo (Sho Jang and Min Kim) and Kunst1, an art production company.

museum dah led
Experience 12.5K Resolution Displays!

There were many digital animations of popular portraits such as Mona Lisa and also colourful decorated props such as car and motorcycle.

When you step into the other zone, you will discover a new dimension of LEDs and LCD displays with smart usage of mirrors for the ceilings (and floors in some zones).

The first thing that comes to our mind is Team Lab’s projection space but Museum DAH is different, they uses LEDs and LCD displays instead of projection. These LEDs and LCD displays offer ultra-high 12.5K resolution and these are very expensive technology. You probably heard of 8K display but this is 12.5K resolution, something you can’t find in many places in the world.

museum dah frozen
Digital Artworks like you never see before

There is a huge space in the museum with massive LEDs and LCD displays on the floor and on the wall. You can also access to the second floor which is a café that overlooks the lower floor.

museum dah toilet
Check out this cool toilet art installation

There are two individual rooms that offer 360 degrees of digital animation that will blow your mind. The first room offers two beds and you can lie down to experience 360 degrees of digital animation that is surreal.

museum dah room spring
Step into a new dimension in Museum DAH

The second room feels like stepping into another dimension like Twilight Zone. If you are huge fan of photography or videography, you can spend hours in Museum DAH.

museum dah room
Believe, dream, experience

The difference between Museum DAH and Team Lab is the different usage of medium to express the digital animations. Museum DAH uses expensive 12.5K resolutions LEDs and LCD displays while Team Lab using projections. Team Lab’s projections are interactive with guests and they also use sounds as part of their interactive experiences.

museum DAH busan mirror
This is not Inception, this is Museum DAH

This is our first time visiting a digital art museum like Museum DAH and the experience is mind blowing. If you plan to visit Busan, you must visit Museum Dah and Centum City commercial district, Haeundae Busan. There are also other activities you can do here at Hauendae such as visiting the largest departmental store, the Busan Film Festival building, the sunset cruise and BEXCO Exhibition Centre Busan. Imagine Your Busan, Imagine Your Korea.

busan bexco
BEXCO Exhibition Centre Busan

Museum DAH Address:

1254 U 2(i)-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Phone: +82 50-71345-3302

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