March 24, 2023

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Rayani Air Is Back in 2020

Four years ago, Rayani Air operates in Malaysia as the first Syariah compliant airline in the country. They were flying to destinations such as Kota Bahru, Langkawi, Kuchng and Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur. Hence in less than five months of operations, The Department of Civil Aviation has suspended the operations of the problematic Rayani Air for three months and their license were revoked. Many affected passengers by Rayani Air were supposed to be refunded.

Just few hours ago, Rayani Air announced that they will be operating again in 2020. This is their statement from their Facebook Page.

Assalamualaikum wbt. Penerbangan RayaniAir akan kembali beroperasi pada tahun 2020 dengan wajah baru tetapi masih lagi dengan konsep patuh syariah. Teruskan sokongan anda kepada kami.

According to the statement, they will be operational in 2020 with a new look and still with Syariah compliant. We need your support to us.

There were many people commented that they are yet received their refunds from three years ago.

We are not sure how true is this statement by Rayani Air. There should be an official statement from relevant authorities on this as the airlines yet to refund their passengers since three years ago.

Will you fly with Syariah Compliant Rayani Air?

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