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Travel Tips for Immigration and Custom in South Korea

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Travel Tips for Immigration and Custom in South Korea

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Are you visiting South Korea for the first time? Malaysians enjoy the VISA free status to visit South Korea but there are many Malaysian who abused this system to work illegally there. Hence, there is stricter immigration and custom control in South Korea.

You probably read the news of Malaysians denied entry to South Korea this year and a few years ago. There are things you should know and thing you should bring when you travel to South Korea on your own whether solo travel, with your friends or family.

Always print out your travel itinerary, your proof of stay such as receipt of your hotel or Airbnb or letter from your host if you are staying with your Korean friend, bookings of your travel tours or attractions, proof of your return airline ticket and some cash or credit card. If you have supporting documents from your company indicating your employment record and length of your leave for your holiday, please bring along.

Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve
Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve

The Arrival Card, please fill in everything and don’t leave it blank. The moment the immigration officer spotted the blank card or incomplete card, they will start to ask you questions. If the officer finds that you do not have a valid reason for traveling in South Korea, you will be deported back on your next flight with your own money. Yes, you need to pay for your own deportation.

If you are unsure for the food you bring to South Korea, please declare it with the Custom officers. They will let you know whether it is permitted to bring into South Korea or not. If you didn’t declare and they caught you, you could be fine.

If you are a frequent traveller, you might need to go through so much hassles. Usually they will check and scan your passport and if they found out that you are a frequent traveller, they will let you go. However, if you look suspicious, they will ask you questions and search your bag.

We hope this travel tips will help you on your next travel to South Korea. This is our Travel Tips for Immigration and Custom in South Korea.

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