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Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2019

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Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2019

odaiba rainbow fireworks 2019

Are you visiting Tokyo in the month of December? If you are, you are in for a treat! The annual Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks is back! The Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks display takes place every Saturday 7pm in December 2019.

We went there to check out the Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks last Saturday for the first time. The best place to view is the deck at the Shopping Centre facing the Rainbow Bridge and the mini Statue of Liberty. There will be many people starting to park their places on the deck from early on and you can see dozens of tripods are set up on standby for the Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks display.

odaiba tokyo

We took the entire Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2019 display for almost five minutes and we stand at the deck near the mini Statue of Liberty. The ideal place will be either on the left or right of the mini Statue of Liberty.

odaiba rainbow fireworks

The first week was crowded and there were many tourists from around the world and you probably hear the commentary in the video by some random China couple. They were interested in talking than watching the fireworks display.

odaiba tokyo fireworks

Please take note that Odaiba is located at the seaside so it is very windy in the evening. It can be very cold during December as it is winter and it will be colder during the end of December. The wind is very chilly so prepare your gloves, scarves and enough clothing if you plan to visit here.

tokyo odaiba places and foods

How to get to Odaiba? For your information, we are very dependent on Google Map and will ask locals to confirm that we are going to the right direction. You need to have mobile data when you are in Japan either for Google Translate, Google Map or reading our blog. We prefer using Roaming Man as it can connects up to five devices and so far the WIFI speed is very good. Book your Roaming Man WIFI Device at https://www.roamingman.my/

We hope you have enough information to visit Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2019. Remember, this happens in the month December only.

Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2019 Details:

Date: Dec 7, 14, 21, 28

Time: 7 pm

Location: Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Bridge

Bring enough clothing to make yourself warm and enjoy the lights, sounds and the wind of Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2019.

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