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Over 4 Million Malaysians Visit Thailand in 2019

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Over 4 Million Malaysians Visit Thailand in 2019

This could be another new record for the number of Malaysians visiting Thailand in 2019. According to Ministry of Tourism and Sports Thailand, they projected 4.16 million Malaysian tourists visiting Thailand in 2019. This is up 3.65% from 4 million Malaysian tourists recorded in 2018 and 3.35 million Malaysian tourists in 2017. For other ASEAN countries, the projected tourist arrival from Singapore is 1.05 million (-1.22%), Vietnam is 1.04 million (+1.89%), Philippines is 500k (+15.84%), Laos is 1.84 million (+10.86%), Indonesia is 709k (+10%), Cambodia is 907k (-4%), Myanmar is 376k (+2.22%) and Brunei is 15.6k (+9.48%).

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There are 10.9 million Chinese travellers to Thailand in 2019 with the increment 4.36%. Malaysia ranked second in terms of numbers of visitors visiting Thailand after China.

There are estimated 1.435 billion people in China and only 0.007% Chinese visitors to Thailand. For Malaysia, there are 32.6 million people and 12.7% Malaysians visited the Kingdom of Thailand.

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We couldn’t find the exact numbers for Malaysians traveling to Thailand via border and to other cities yet but usually there are over 2 million Malaysian tourists crossing the border and the rest are via flight and cruise.

We are surprised with the numbers as the economy is not doing that well in Malaysia in 2019. On top of that, the Thai Baht was one of top performing currency last year and it was hovering above RM 13.5 for 100 Baht. Many years ago, it is RM 10 for 100 Baht and now it is RM 13.2 for 100 Baht in 2020. Despite the bad economy and low exchange rates, Thailand attracts more than 4.16 million Malaysians in 2019. This is unbelievable!

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Congratulations to the Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia for achieving this milestone. This is pure hard work from the Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia team in 2019. We hope there will be more in 2020!

We visited Thailand seven times in 2019 and five times in 2018. We are looking forward for more travels to Thailand this year to discover new places and to meet our Thai friends in Bangkok and other cities. Have you been to Thailand? If you have not, 2020 is a great year to visit Thailand and find out why it is called the Land of Smiles.

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