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Flight from KLIA2 to Hatyai International Airport

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Flight from KLIA2 to Hatyai International Airport

We flew from KLIA2 to Hatyai International Airport last Thursday. It was an afternoon flight and the airport were not that busy. We flew to Hatyai with AirAsia. Our itinerary was HatyaiSatun – Phatthalung – Hatyai – Padang Besar – Kuala Lumpur.

airasia flight to hatyai

If you are thinking there are not many people traveling to Hatyai, then you are wrong. The flight is at least 70% full in loading capacity and most of the traveller are mostly Malaysians and Thais.

klia to hatyai

For your information, there are almost no Chinese tourists in Southern Thailand. The last chartered flight from Chengdu China to Hatyai was in late January 2020. Hence, there is no corona virus cases detected in Southern Thailand at all. However, there was one Corona virus case of Chinese traveling to Malaysia via Bukit Kayu Hitam, he is from GuangZhou.

airasia hatyai

Check out the photos we took in the flight and you can see there are many people still traveling to Hatyai on weekday last week.

hatyai airport feb 2020 temperature check

It was an hour flight from KLIA 2 to Hatyai International Airport. All the passengers are required to have their body temperature checked one by one.

hatyai airport health beware card

There are hand sanitizers in all the immigration counters and all passengers are given a ‘Health Beware Card’. It comes with general info including DDC Hotline at # 1422.

hatyai airport feb 2020

The airport did some renovation since the last time we were there. There are more restaurants now compare a couple of years ago.

Remember to wear a proper mask and always wash your hands frequently when you are flying on an airplane. It is always safe than sorry.

klia 2 airport places and food

There are still many travellers visiting Hatyai Thailand from Malaysia and most of them are Malaysians and Thais. We were in Hatyai on Sunday and Monday and it was quiet and calm. It is low season in Hatyai right now so there are not many tourists. If you plan to fly over or drive to Hatyai Thailand, you can consider during this school holiday. Hatyai Thailand welcomes you.

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