December 6, 2023


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Abu Dhabi Dates Market Zayed Port

This is our first story about Abu Dhabi? Looks like it is even though we did post our Abu Dhabi Day Tour video on our Youtube Channel. This Movement Control Order (MCO) gives us time to tell our stories on our travel and this is Abu Dhabi Dates Market at Zayed Port.

dates market abu dhabi

We transited in Dubai last Ramadhan for a few days after we went to South Africa. We spent a few days in Dubai and did a day tour to Abu Dhabi via Klook. You can watch the video of the Abu Dhahi Day Tour video below.

One of the stops for the Abu Dhabi Day Tour is the Dates Market at Zayed Port. There are many shops here selling dates (kurma in Malay) and there is a Carpet Market nearby too (if not mistaken).

dates market abu dhabi store

You can find many varieties of dates from this region. There are dates from Saudi Arabia, Syria and other Middle East Countries. The taste and texture of the dates varies from their type and country of origin. There is so much to learn from these dates, how they are made and their taste and texture.

On top of dates, most shops at the Abu Dhabi Dates Market Zayed Port also offer dried fruits and variety of nuts.

abu dhabi dates market

If you are big fan of dates, you must visit the Abu Dhabi Dates Market Zayed Port. During the Ramadan fasting months, there are restaurants open for public during day time. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are interesting places to visit in Middle East and we hope to revisit this place again in the future.

Abu Dhabi Dates Market

Address: Zayed Port, Near Mina Market, Mina Zayed – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

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