June 1, 2023

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Facebook Care Emoji Is Available in Malaysia Now

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Facebook Care Emoji Is Available in Malaysia Now

Just a quick shout out to the latest emoji by Facebook. It was announced that the new Care emoji will be available this week in stages and in certain countries. Lucky us, Malaysia got the Care Emoji today.

We woke up this morning, open the Facebook and there is a notice on the new Share emoji, we ignored it closed.

Then we realized, hey this is a new emoji and it looks pretty cool so some of our friends asked us how did we get it?

What we found out is the Facebook Care Emoji is available on desktop Chrome so far. We tried it on Facebook with Internet Explorer, nothing happens.

How to check whether you get the emoji? Hold on to the like button and it will show whether you have the Care Emoji or not. So far, Android Facebook Apps do not have that option yet. Maybe we need to check whether there is a new update with this Care Emoji.

On another note, we received a lot of messages of this hashtag #care_emoji_react_on to activate the emoticon. Not sure it works though.

Take care everyone and enjoy this new Care Emoji. Be safe and stay at home.

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