December 7, 2023


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Sagrada Familia Antoni Gaudi Barcelona Spain

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Sagrada Familia Antoni Gaudi Barcelona Spain

Time to share our Barcelona Spain stories. We visited Barcelona after we watched and inspired by the Korean TV Reality Show Grandpa Over Flowers. We were thinking if the grandpas can travel on their own in Barcelona, why not us? Barcelona Spain was part of our first Europe trip and we learned so much about Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and his works and masterpieces including Sagrada Familia.

barcelona sagrada familia

There was a hiccup on our travel from London to Barcelona and it shortened our stay in the Catalan city in Spain. Cutting our trip short in Barcelona means we have to travel more and spend less time on food. We stayed in a room (via Airbnb) near Sagrada Familia and we walked to the iconic structure first thing in the morning to avoid the long queue.

barcelona sagrada familia long queue

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barcelona sagrada familia model and actual

For the Sagrada Familia tickets, we recommend you to get the Fast Track ticket at so you avoid the queue, with the guided language and stop wasting time. The faster you get into Sagrada Familia, you get to see more especially in the morning.

barcelona sagrada familia front

Sagrada Familia is expected to complete in 2026 and it is one of the work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. There are a number of prominent works of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona such as the Guell Park, Casa Batlló The House of Bones, Casa Calvet, Casa Milla and more. If you are interested at Antoni Gaudi’s work, time to plan your Barcelona trip visiting most of his works.

barcelona sagrada familia jesus wide

Sagrada Familia is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Barcelona. If you didn’t visit Sagrada Familia, then you don’t consider visiting Barcelona.

barcelona sagrada familia inside spiral stairs

When we walked into the building, you will be amazed by the architecture and design and the idea of creating this by Antoni Gaudi. Even the small details like the words at the main door, the spiral staircases, the colourful glasses, the ceiling, the pillars and so many more.

barcelona sagrada familia jesus side view

We don’t want to tell you everything about Sagrada Familia as you need to go there to explore and discover this magic and masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi. We are not a big fan of church building but this is different, this is art.

barcelona sagrada familia colourful glass panels

Make sure you visit the basement as there are lots of information on the building there. If you follow the guided tour, it should lead you to the basement of Sagrada Familia.

barcelona sagrada familia ceiling

There could be many people in Sagrada Familia and please take care of your belongings. Pick pockets are common in Barcelona so be vigilant. Beware of people selling things to you or strangers asking for directions and take care of your surrounding when you are playing with your phone.

barcelona sagrada familia basement

Barcelona is one of our favourite cities we visited in Europe. We met many friendly locals and there are plenty of things to discover in Barcelona. You can read all our stories and adventures in Barcelona at

barcelona sagrada familia places and foods

Sagrada Familia is currently closed due to COVID-19 virus outbreak in Spain. Plan now, visit later.

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