November 30, 2023


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COVID 19 Public Advisory 1 Utama Shopping Centre

This is just posted an hour ago by the official Facebook page of 1 Utama Shopping Centre today (5 October 2020). Sadly, there is a Covid 19 case involves one outlet staff at Mac City Service Centre (Lot S330, 2nd Floor 1 Utama). 1 Utama Shopping Centre has been very fast and professional in informing the public via the COVID 19 Public Advisory by 1 Utama Shopping Centre.


The following is the full statement by 1 Utama Shopping Centre as on 5 October 2020 on their Facebook Page.



Just like how the world was shocked to learn about Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, it is now our turn to announce with a heavy heart 💔that the Management of 1 Utama has verbally learnt of a Covid-19 case involving one outlet staff at Mac City Service Centre (Lot S330, 2nd Floor 1 Utama).

After investigation, the said staff has not stepped into our mall premise since clocking out from work on 30th September, with his off day on 1st October. We have traced his entry points to the mall and Mac City Service Centre and confirm that the staff’s temperature was below 37.5 Celsius. He is now under the care of a government hospital. As of yet, we have not received any official notification from Health Authorities.

This is the first ever isolated case to happen in 1 Utama since the Covid outbreak this year and we are honestly quite devastated to receive the news despite our very best efforts to keep Covid away. 😔However, after months of preparation, we are now in a good position to respond to this emergency. With full transparency, we regard this as our top priority to provide timely accurate information to you the public, our shoppers, tenants and vendors through this advisory.

In light of this development, early mitigation steps and public safety measures have been swiftly activated to limit any potential risk as soon as we were informed of the situation. Our 1 Utama Crisis Response Team is now working round the clock together with the management of Mac City Service Centre and Health Authorities to undertake all necessary actions to safeguard our mall.

As a precautionary measure and in full compliance to MOH guidelines, we have immediately performed the following:

• Immediate closure and deep cleaning of Mac City Service Centre. All co-workers of the affected staff have already been placed under strict quarantine.

• Thorough sanitization of our mall including AHU rooms (air handling units), public areas, amenities, lifts, escalators, toilets, baby room, back of house facilities and all other heavy touch points. We use hospital grade sanitizers and disinfectants that are environmentally friendly which kills 99.9% of bacteria and airborne viruses in a fraction of a second.

• Contact tracing of CCTV and QR check-ins of the affected staff.

Rest assured that we are doing all that we can to continue taking extensive safety exercises to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the mall for everyone’s safety amongst this being:

• Convenient Health QR for contact tracing (first mall in Malaysia to develop and launch)

• Contactless AI Thermal Scanners

• Frequent building sanitization with UV misting and fogging

• High Efficiency Air Filters to trap airborne particles and purify air via powerful UV lights

We urge that everyone stay calm and adhere to the routine SOP’s that everyone should take in 1 Utama i.e. wearing a face mask, temperature screening, practicing good hygiene and social distancing. Public health safety is a collective responsibility and we will need our tenants and shoppers to continue taking good care of your well-being to keep our mall safe.

Do check our Facebook page @1Utama for updates as we stand ready to await more details from

Mac City Sdn Bhd

and Health Officials.

(P.S. We would also like to point out that the rumours that we clarified last week is totally unrelated to this case).

Thank you and please keep supporting us to overcome this adversity! 💪💪💪

With love,

Team #1Utama


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We will update more on COVID 19 cases as it starts to get triple digit cases daily. Please stay put within these two weeks until the COVID 19 cases back single digit. Let’s flatten this curve everyone. Kita jaga kita. Please take care and be safe.

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