October 2, 2023


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Baiyok Restaurant Betong Thailand

Do you missed Betong food? We know we can’t travel to Betong Thailand yet but mostly it is possible in the 2nd half of 2021. Let’s hope for that and some positivity. We visited Betong a few times and time to share some of the good food we had in this beautiful town in Southern Thailand. This is Baiyok restaurant and it is located in the town.

baiyok restaurant betong

Baiyok Restaurant is located in Betong town and it is a fully air conditioned restaurant. They offer Chinese and Thai cuisine and most of their dishes are quite similar to Malaysia Chinese cuisine.

baiyok restaurant food betong

This is a long post as we ordered nine dishes of combination Chinese and Thai dishes. Our glorious lunch includes Som tam, Pork belly steamed with yam, Steamed fish with garlic, chili and lime, Steamed chicken, Chili petai, Chili kangkung, Pineapple pork ribs, Fried Prawn Cakes and Fish Maw soup.

baiyok restaurant betong salad
Som tam

Som tam or Thai papaya salad is a must order if you are in Thailand. Som tam is combination of young papaya with greens with nuts and chili and lime. The texture is crunchy with refreshing taste with chili and acidic after taste. This will definitely will arouse your taste buds with the first bite.

baiyok restaurant betong yam pork
Pork belly steamed with yam

Many Hakka will know this as this is their famous Hakka style pork belly steamed with yam or yam ‘kau yuk’. Even though this looks simple to cook but the cooking process is tedious.

Their version of pork belly steamed with yam is strong in flavor, the yam texture is flaky while the pork belly texture is tender. What a delightful dish that goes along with the fragrant Thai rice.

baiyok restaurant betong steamed fish
Steamed fish with garlic, chili and lime

Many people will go Thailand for their tom yum. The steamed fish with garlic, chili and lime is our favourite. The fish is steamed to perfection while the acidic lime and chili sauce will gives you that kick into your taste buds. This goes really well with Thai fragrant rice.

baiyok restaurant betong steamed chicken
Steamed chicken

Betong is famous for their free-range chicken or kampung chicken. We blogged about Finding Chicken in Betong Thailand and you can read it at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2020/06/finding-chicken-in-betong-thailand.html

baiyok restaurant betong sambal petai
Chili petai

For petai lovers, this is a must order. Look at the amount of petai and they cooked it with prawns instead of minced meat.

baiyok restaurant betong sambal kang kung
Chili kangkung

baiyok restaurant betong pineapple fried rice
Pineapple pork ribs

This is the sweet and sour pork ribs cooked with pineapples and put inside a pineapple. The taste is sweet while the pork ribs are soft and tender in texture.

baiyok restaurant betong fried prawn cake
Fried Prawn Cakes

This is the fried prawn cakes and this is crunchy on the outer layer while the filling is made from prawn. Not just the kids love this, we love this as well. We always order this whenever we travel to Thailand.

baiyok restaurant betong fish maw
Fish Maw soup.

Thailand is very popular for their fish maw and this is the fish maw soup. What we like about this is they cooked it with mushroom and the taste is flavourful while the texture of the fish maw is soft.

baiyok restaurant betong fish maw soup

We love the generosity of the fish maw in that bowl of fish maw soup. Definitely a must order at Baiyok Restaurant Betong Thailand.

There are many good in Betong Thailand and do check out all our stories on Betong at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand/thailand-betong. When can Malaysians travel to Thailand? We strongly believe there are chances we can visit the Land of Smiles within 2021, most likely second half or fourth quarter of this year.

We just got to know that the CMCO (conditional movement control order) will be extended until end of March 2021 so to be realistic so be safe and take care everyone. Thanks for reading our stories for over ten years now and we appreciate the support.

Baiyok Restaurant Betong Thailand

Opening Hours: 10 am to 8:30PM

Address: Betong, Betong District, Yala 95110, Thailand

Phone: +66 73 230 763

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaiyokBetong


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