April 1, 2023

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Coconut Natural Remedy For Body Heat After Vaccination

Coconut is in hot demand right now. According to coconut sellers, they sold off their truck load of coconut within hours due to demand and its popularity. Why? Coconut is a natural remedy for body heat especially after COVID-19 vaccination.

I took my COVID-19 vaccination last week and I will probably blogged about my experience of the after effects. For your information, I took Sinovac and the post vaccination effects and symptom are rather mild and one of it is the body heat.

Some people advised me to take Panadol but I choose to drink coconut as it is natural remedy to reduce body heat especially after vaccination.

We live in Malaysia and we are blessed with fresh coconuts and for the past couple of weeks, they have been selling like hot cakes.

One fresh coconut is selling at around RM 4 and above per piece. I was told that the supplier raised the cost and hence the slight increase of price.

If you can’t get the fresh coconut, you can get the packet version and you can also try the ‘rhino’ cooling water and that works perfectly.

I also listed 8 cooling drinks that you should drink in hot weather that works perfectly for body heat after vaccination.

Please do not drink alcohol especially beer after vaccination, it is not recommended by doctors. Try to get the fresh coconut as it is natural remedy for body heat after vaccination. I hope this helps those who got vaccinated as you might feel hot inside like having mala spicy sauce.

During this time, please take care and be safe!

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