December 8, 2023


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Melaka Famous Capitol Satay Celup Is Closing Down

When the news of Melaka is opening up on October next month, we were planning to do a ‘makan trip’ to down south with our friends. One of the places that we missed dearly is the Melaka Famous Capitol Satay Celup. The last time we went there was eight years ago and yesterday, Capitol Satay Celup announced that they are closing down.

satay celup closing down

For those who are familiar with satay celup, that there are two famous satay celup restaurants in Melaka. They are Ban Lee Siang and another one is Capitol. However, there is another their one, the Cathay Satay Celup but that was long gone many years ago but they reopened and relocate to a new place and it’s called Kingtu Restaurant (their original name).

This is the statement from Capitol Satay Celup’s Facebook Page

Notice to SHUT DOWN this 30 years old shop within this two months.

Despite we still allowed for dine in during this period until further notice.

Our operation time has changed to 4pm-11pm from Tuesday to Saturday. (01/10/21)

Pardon us for any dissatisfaction. We appreciate for your all time support.

PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK ANYTIME YOU LEAVE YOUR SEATS. (Select skewers, toilet , and etc)

Your safety , our priority. Thank you

Sourec: Capitol Satay Celup’s Facebook Page

capitol satay

The big news is Melaka Famous Capitol Satay Celup Is Closing Down within this two months. If their business can maintain or pick up within this two months, will they be able to stay afloat? Well, we have to wait for another month or so to wait for that news.

satay celup ingredients

Some information of Melaka Famous Capitol Satay Celup. Their first generation was started in 1900 in way of Kandar Pole Satay. Until the name of Capitol Satay since 1950 and was formerly known as Luk Luk or Satay Celup in Melaka.

capitol satay premium

We hope to make a trip to Melaka within this two months to taste their satay celup and hopefully not the last time. Food like these are easy to sell but you can’t replicate their special satay celup paste and taste.

satay celup peanut gravy

Melaka Famous Capitol Satay Celup Is Closing Down in two months and we hope they can turn around and stay opened. Please take care everyone, stay strong and stay safe.

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