February 9, 2023

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Kawan Chapatti Review

Just another quick food sharing review. This is not a sponsored review but something that I cook for my boys for breakfast from time to time. For breakfast, I usually cook simple meals for my boys and we don’t really eat much. This is the Kawan Chappati and not the usual roti pratha or roti canai.

What you need to know is the Kawan Chapatti comes with 10 pieces and total is around 400 gram per packet. You can easily get this in most major supermarket, grocers and Shopee at: https://shp.ee/gk9b2tj.

The pricing for the Kawan Chapatti depends on the supermarket or grocer but you can get it at Shopee at https://shp.ee/gk9b2tj for only RM 5.60 per packet and get free delivery above RM 50.

This Kawan Chapatti do not comes with any gravy and only 10 pieces of thin slices of chapatti. The size and weight of the chapatti is smaller than their roti pratha or roti canai so please manage your expectation.

You don’t need any oil or butter, just pan fried the chapatti (from the freezer) for a few minutes and it is ready to eat. The texture is soft and dry like the usual chapatti and I usually add cheese for my boys.

You can be creative by adding sugar, kaya, Nutella, peanut butter, butter, curry or sambal to make it more flavourful. At the end of the day, it is just a few minutes of cooking for me, less washing and the kids enjoyed their breakfast. That is the whole idea of preparing fast and simple breakfast for the kids without breaking a sweat and breaking the bank.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Kawan Chapatti is dry, thin and soft in texture unlike their roti pratha or roti canai series. This still makes a simple and comfort breakfast for the family or you can prepare this as meal for your kids school meal. It just takes a few minutes and it is ready to serve.

This is my quick Kawan Chapatti Review, this is not a sponsored post but a sharing post for parents out there! Get it from their official Shopee at: https://shp.ee/gk9b2tj.

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