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AirAsia Premium Flatbed Experience

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AirAsia Premium Flatbed Experience

After traveling with AirAsia X for over 10 times to various countries across Asia and Australia, I finally tried the AirAsia Premium Flatbed. The AirAsia Premium Flatbed is similar to Business Class of full commercial flight and it is only available to selected AirAsia X flights. I know many people are curious about the AirAsia Premium Flatbed and hence this is the experience review.

airasia premium flatbed

I had at the AirAsia Premium Flatbed experience while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne last year. If you want to know about applying Australia ETA, visit

It was a night flight and it makes sense to check out the AirAsia Premium Flatbed. There were 12 AirAsia Premium Flatbeds for that flight and the number of seats depending on flights. The same goes with the pricing of the AirAsia Premium Flatbed as there are friends and followers asked me.

airasia premium flatbed seat

The AirAsia Premium Flatbed is next to the cockpit and in front of ‘Quiet Zone’ thus there is least noise. This area also comes with its own toilet and hence you don’t need to share it with the rest.

The AirAsia Premium Flatbed availability and pricing depends on the flight. You can always ask the reception for last minute upgrade during your check in. Price defers on destinations. AirAsia Premium Flatbed comes with a Santan Meal and 40kg baggage allowance (if not mistaken).

airasia premium flatbed seat adjustment

AirAsia Premium Flatbed is very cozy and it feels like Business Class seat. Lots of leg room, there is a panel where you can adjust the seat. There is individual reading light you can adjust.

airasia premium flatbed light

The impressive part is you can turn the seat into a bed. It comes with the blanket so you can have a good rest / sleep and it is really a very good experience. It might not be the usual soft bed but you get the sleeping position and you can take a good sleep / nap throughout the flight.

AirAsia Premium Flatbed Experience is better than expected if you don’t mind paying. Lastly, remember you have the priority on enter and exit the flight first as well as the priority seat during waiting the flight on the airport terminal.

airasia premium flatbed experience
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Check out AirAsia flights at: and remember to select Premium Flatbed during seat selection. You can read all about Melbourne at:

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