December 2, 2023


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Californian Redwood Forest Melbourne

This is a rather unique and yet mysterious place in Melbourne. This is the Californian Redwood Forest Melbourne or Cement Creek Redwood Forest at Warburton Victoria Australia.

california redwoods

The Californian Redwood Forest is 15 minutes from Warburton and 90 minute drive from Melbourne CBD / City. Getting to Californian Redwood Forest, you need to drive and from Warburton, follow Warburton Highway/Woods Point Road for about seven kilometres to find Cement Creek Road on your left. Less than one kilometre along this unsealed road leads to a small car park and entrance.

Californian Redwood Forest covers a small area within Yarra Ranges National Park but it offers tallest tree species in the world. The forest of Californian Redwood was planted by the Board of Works in 1930 and they are almost a century old.

californian redwood tree

There are almost 1500 huge red-barked trees that can grows up to 55 metres high. You kind of feel very mysterious inside this Californian Redwood Forest.

Please take note that the mobile network signals here are very weak so please do remember your walking trails or you might get lost. If you are not good with walking trails, make sure you have someone with you.

californian redwood forest

It can be very cooling inside Californian Redwood Forest as the area is very shady. I feel a bit creepy as it is very quiet inside the forest and plus the cold chills.

californian redwood forest places and foods

However, the experience here is really memorable and you can take great photos and videos here. Bring a friend or tripod and you can take many great photos and videos here.

This is a great place to explore the wilderness of Melbourne and there are plenty of places to explore around this part of Victoria.

californian redwood forest melbourne

Self-drive in Victoria is the best way to get around at your pace and leisure. Time to visit Cement Creek Redwood Forest Melbourne, map at below.

Cement Creek Redwood Forest

Address: Cement Creek Rd, East Warburton VIC 3799, Australia

Phone: +61 131963

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