April 20, 2024


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Celebrate 2023 with Durian Season

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Celebrate 2023 with Durian Season

I have no new year’s resolution for 2023, just hope to make it a better year than 2022. It is always good to start a brand new year with a positive note. What is more positive than having a durian season for the start of 2023?

durian season 2023

Honestly, I have not had durians for the past 3-4 months as the price was high and I waited. I waited until this year and I believe I must celebrate 2023 with durian.

I drove past my favourite durian stall in Kajang and I saw Durian D24, Durian XO and Durian Red Prawn selling at RM 17/kg. I have not seen that price since 2021 / 2020 probably. Sorry everyone, I can’t resist durian season with reasonable pricing.

durian 2023

People are talking about durians again for the start of 2023 but I didn’t see the craze like before. It is January, parents like us spent a lot for school and Chinese New Year is coming. Everything needs money but no harm for some durians right.

I won’t be listing down the durian prices as there are different grades and quality. The prices of durian varies daily depending on supply.

durian xo 2023

Sometimes, money can’t buy happiness but at least it can buy durians. Let’s celebrate 2023 with durian season while it is affordable. Some people say eat fruits are good diet, I love durian diet.

Happy New Year everyone!

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