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Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant

Lala Chong is a popular seafood restaurant located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Known for its fresh seafood dishes, Lala Chong has gained a reputation as a go-to place for seafood lovers in the city. They have a few outlets and this is the Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant.

lala chong seafood restaurant

We blogged about the old Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant at Old Subang Airport Road 15 years ago. We were just starting blogging back then and now a second review of Lala Chong at Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant.

Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant is a Muslim Friendly restaurant and hence the popularity from back then. There could be a handful of Muslim friendly Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant is one of them.

Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant offers plenty parking spaces and it is open air concept restaurant.

lala chong seafood restaurant kayu ara damansara

The restaurant offers a variety of seafood options, including fish, prawns, crabs, and clams, prepared in various cooking styles such as steamed, grilled, stir-fried, and deep-fried.

We were there for dinner and we ordered black pepper venison, butter crabs, oyster egg omelette, stir fried kang kung, sweet and sour chicken and tofu and seafood soup. We didn’t order their signature lala with superior soup this time.

lala chong seafood restaurant black pepper venison
Black pepper venison
lala chong seafood restaurant butter crabs
Butter Crabs with Mantao
lala chong seafood restaurant oyster omelet
Oyster Egg Omelet
lala chong seafood restaurant sweet and sour chicken
Sweet n sour chicken
lala chong seafood restaurant stir fried kangkung
Stir fried Kangkung
lala chong seafood restaurant tofu with seafood soup
Tofu Seafood Soup

Overall the food is still up to expectation and the price is still reasonable (market rate in PJ). Consistency is of the freshness and taste of their food is the key of the popularity of Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant.

Have you been to Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant lately?

Lala Chong Kayu Ara Seafood Restaurant

Opening Hours:

Saturday              11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Sunday                 11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Monday               11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Tuesday               11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Wednesday        11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Thursday             11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Friday                    11 am–3 pm, 5:30–11 pm

Address: Lot 13556, Jalan Cempaka, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, SelangorPhone: 03-7728 1906

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