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Pre Loved Rolex Watches in Japan

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Pre Loved Rolex Watches in Japan

Japan is a popular place to get pre loved and second luxury items such as handbags and luxury watches. We wrote about Pre Loved Louis Vuitton in Japan a few years ago and you can also find luxury items like Rolex watches and Hermes handbags too.

pre loved rolex watch japan daikokuya

There are a few popular places for pre loved Rolex watches in Japan. There are shops like Daikokuya that is founded in 1947 and they offer 30,000 items and they have 26 stores all around Japan. You can also find Quark specialty stores and they are Japan’s largest Rolex Specialty Shop.

pre loved rolex explorer japan
Watch prices are in December 2019

Now, we are going to show you a few photos taken in December 2019 before the pandemic and please take note on the Rolex watches prices.

pre loved rolex submariners japan
Watch prices are in December 2019

The Rolex Explorers were selling from 500,000 Yen and above while Rolex Submariners were selling from 800,000 Yen and above (tax free prices). The photos and prices were taken in December 2019.

Moving forward to May 2023, the prices of the Rolex Explorers are now selling from 800,000 Yen while Rolex Submariners are selling from 1.3 million Yen.

pre loved rolex watch daikokuya

The days of cheap pre loved Rolex watches in Japan are over. The craze of Rolex watches during pandemic has increased the prices of pre loved Rolex watches in Japan and around the world.

pre loved rolex watch quark

Even now, you cannot buy any Rolex watches from any Rolex stores around the world except in some stores in Switzerland. We tried our luck in Rolex stores in Amsterdam, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries but no luck.

Hence, we highly recommend you to double check the prices of pre loved Rolex watches at your country and in Japan to compare it carefully before you getting one.

Lastly, you can visit the shops based in Japan online at:

Daikokuya: https://www.daikokuya78.com/catalog/category/watch/brand/rolex?limit=48&ordering=-marketplace_listings__created_at

Quark Japan: https://www.909.co.jp/en/

We are not experts in Rolex watches and this is just a simple guide of pre loved Rolex watches in Japan based on our knowledge. There are also other second hand and watches stores that offer pre loved Rolex watches. Thanks for reading and read all our stories about Japan at: https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/japan

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