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Over 2 Million Malaysians Visited Thailand from Jan to July 2023

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Over 2 Million Malaysians Visited Thailand from Jan to July 2023

Malaysians are traveling back to Thailand in vengeance! In the recent newspaper report, over 2 million Malaysians visited Thailand from first January until 16 July 2023.

Over 2 Million Malaysians Visited Thailand from Jan to July 2023
Malaysia is no 1 again!

During this period of time, Thailand’s tourism industry received 14.15 million foreign visitors and collected 588 billion baht in revenue from January 1 to July 16 this year, stated the Tourism and Sports Ministry.

Malaysians accounted for the top five foreign visitors to the country, with 2.24 million, followed by Chinese (1.65 million), South Korean (830,576), Indian (826,390), and Russian (825,777) tourists.

It is quite interesting to see that Singaporeans are not the top five foreign visitors to Thailand this year considering their high currency exchange rates against Thai Baht.

“The ministry forecasts that the number of foreign visitors to Thailand will exceed 15 million by the end of July, with the number of tourist arrivals increasing after school holidays in many regions,” it said in a statement.

Let us share with everyone some numbers.

In 2019, there are 4.16 million Malaysians visited Thailand. This is the record breaking number for Malaysians traveling to Thailand.

In 2022, there are 1.94 million Malaysians visited Thailand.

In 2023 (up to 16 July), there are 2.24 million Malaysians visited Thailand. There are possibilities that there will be 4 million Malaysians visiting Thailand in 2023 and also possibility of breaking that 2019 record.

If we take a modest number of one Malaysian traveller spend RM 100 per trip to Thailand, 2.24 million Malaysians spent over RM 224 million so far?

This year we visited Thailand twice and we plan to do more trips soon. Have you travel to Thailand this year?

Source: Thailand welcome 14.15 million foreign tourists, Malaysians top list of visitors | Malay Mail

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