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We Ate 20 Items at Restoran Dragon One, SS2, Petaling Jaya

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It wasn’t a joke and I almost forgot about it.

How did it happen?

Well, it was a few weeks ago when we were invited for a food review session at Dragon One, SS2. The location of this restaurant is relatively easy. It’s just next to the famous SS2 Murni.

Parking could be a problem but this place is a worth to find.

Chilled Mango Sago with Jelly @ RM5.90. The feast started with the chilled mango sago. With the jelly beneath, it was quite surprising than the usual sago.

Next, was the Ice Blended Dragon Fruit @ RM 5.90. I would consider dragon fruit as one of the most popular fruit in Malaysia right now. Many consider dragon fruit as a good nutrition fruit.

Ice “Ying Yang” Hong Kong Style at Rm 5.20. The ice beneath the cup was not for presentation usages. It was used to chill the drink. Rather than putting in the ice cubes, they used the ice beneath to chill the drink, making it cooler and still thicker in taste. Great idea.

Passion fruit snow @ Rm 6.80. This would be the usual “ice kacang” turned to passion fruit snow.

The stir-fried “cheong fun” or they called it stir fried rice flour roll was priced @ Rm 4.50. This was not my first time having it and it was quite decent be precise. Cheong fun stir fried with egg and then sprinkled with sesame. Decent.

Stir fried bean sheet with preserved vegetables @ RM4.50. Interesting dish.

Steamed Shanghainese meat dumpling with superior soup @ RM 6.00. Well priced and it more known as “Xiao Long Bau”. I would rate this decent in taste.

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